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“Tottenham Fans Chant Pochettino’s Name After Champions League Exit, O’Hara Calls for Conte’s Departure and Former Boss’ Return”


After Tottenham’s Champions League exit against AC Milan, Jamie O’Hara has called for Antonio Conte to leave the club. The former Spurs midfielder has also suggested that Mauricio Pochettino should return for the rest of the season.

Spurs were knocked out of the Champions League after a 0-0 draw against AC Milan, which also saw Cristian Romero get sent off. Although Conte admitted that his players weren’t as good as they could be, he reminded fans that the club is playing at a much better standard this season than when he first took charge last year.

O’Hara believes that it’s time for Conte to go, as he doesn’t look like he wants to be there and the players aren’t getting what he wants to do. He suggests that the club should put him out of his misery, bring in Pochettino and move on.

Conte has managed four different clubs in the Champions League during his career, winning just 15 of his 42 matches. His debut campaign in the competition was with Juventus in the 2012/13 season in which they reached the quarter-finals. However, it remains to be the furthest he has reached in the competition, with his subsequent seasons having little success.

Spurs’ exit from the Champions League has also ended their hopes of winning silverware this season, with Conte’s future at the club looking limited.

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