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“LFC Misses Their ‘King Power’ Moment: 1 Key Difference”


Liverpool Misses Their ‘King Power’ Moment: 1 Key Difference

Liverpool’s recent defeat against Arsenal has drawn comparisons to a previous tense title race, highlighting the importance of their upcoming match. After their disappointing loss at the Emirates, Liverpool now face the task of winning their remaining 15 matches in order to secure their 20th Championship and a potential second Premier League title. While it may seem like a simple equation, Liverpool knows that it won’t be easy, especially considering the celebrations that Arsenal had after their victory. Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, even imitated Liverpool’s famous three-fist salute to the fans, indicating that he is learning from the best.

Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool’s former manager, used to say that being “in the equation” was crucial. In Jurgen Klopp’s best seasons, Liverpool’s loss column has always had impressively low numbers. However, it’s the draws that have proven to be their downfall. The 2018/19 season is still painful to look back on, as Liverpool finished with a record of 30 wins, seven draws, and only one defeat, yet still failed to win the title. City’s victory in their last 15 matches was the key difference that led to Liverpool’s loss. It’s nearly incomprehensible to think that a team could lose the title with 97 points. Liverpool’s lead was eroded by a patch of four draws and two wins in six matches, which allowed City to overtake them.

If there is a flaw in Liverpool’s game, it is their tendency to draw matches. City consistently wins more games, while Liverpool loses fewer. This season, Liverpool is unlikely to reach the same level as their previous 97-point season, with the maximum return being 96 points. However, if they can replicate their performance in the 2021/22 season, where they achieved a remarkable 92 points with only two losses, that would still be a significant achievement.

Liverpool’s previous experience during the 2023/24 season, where they were chasing a quadruple, can serve as an inspiration. Their second league defeat came against Leicester, and the manager’s comments after the match echoed those made after the Arsenal game. Klopp emphasized the need to identify players in form and make immediate changes. The reaction from the squad was remarkable, as they won 15 matches and drew three out of their last 18 games. This galvanized the team and displayed their championship-winning mentality.

However, even with such a strong finish, Liverpool still came in second place. City has demonstrated in the past that they have little margin for error in the new year. Liverpool needs to take control of this narrative and maintain their lead, however slim it may be. They must not be haunted by their past failures and instead focus on reaching the finish line. Doubts may arise due to their previous disappointments at the Premier League altar, but this could be their chance for redemption before Klopp’s departure.

The title race is currently in Liverpool’s hands, but every game will be nerve-wracking. It’s impossible to remain disinterested in the results of their rivals, making it an Easter promise that cannot be kept. The reality of their loss against Arsenal hit hard, especially considering it was their only loss this season. If Liverpool can keep their losses column at just two by the end of the season, it could turn out to be one of the best leaving parties ever. And Arteta will still have much to learn as he continues his managerial journey.

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