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Las Vegas Mayor Urges A’s to Remain in Oakland


Las Vegas Mayor Urges A’s to Remain in Oakland

In a recent interview on the podcast “Front Office Sports Today,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed her support for the Oakland A’s to stay in their current city. However, she also made it clear that if the team decides to relocate, Las Vegas would be more than happy to welcome them with open arms.

Goodman’s comments came after her previous statements regarding the A’s possible move to Las Vegas caused some confusion. In her statement released on Tuesday afternoon, she clarified her excitement about the prospect of Major League Baseball in Las Vegas and stated that the Las Vegas A’s could become a reality that the city would warmly embrace.

During the podcast interview, Goodman discussed various topics, including the Super Bowl being held in Las Vegas and the Formula 1’s Las Vegas Grand Prix. When asked about the A’s potential relocation, she emphasized the importance of a strong sports culture in each city and expressed her belief that Oakland deserves to keep their team due to their passionate fan base.

Goodman also questioned the A’s decision to pursue building a new stadium on the Tropicana resort site. She revealed that the city had offered the team a different location with multiple access points from highways, but they opted for the Tropicana site. She expressed her confusion about this choice and theorized that the A’s desire to stay in Oakland and be near the waterfront was the primary reason for their decision.

One of Goodman’s concerns regarding a new ballpark in Las Vegas is the potential increase in congestion on The Strip. As a popular tourist destination, The Strip already faces heavy traffic, and adding a stadium could exacerbate the issue. This concern raises questions about the feasibility of the Tropicana site as a suitable location for a new stadium.

In May, the A’s reached an agreement with Bally’s Corp. to construct a $1.5 billion stadium on part of the Tropicana Las Vegas resort site. However, the team has not yet announced where they will play in 2025, as their lease agreement at the Coliseum, their current home since 1968, is set to expire. It is unlikely that a new stadium in Las Vegas will be ready until the 2028 season at the earliest.

The podcast host, Owen Poindexter, concluded the A’s discussion by asking Goodman if she believed it would be favorable for the team to move to the Tropicana site. Once again, Goodman reiterated her stance, emphasizing that she personally believes the A’s should find a way to stay in Oakland and fulfill their dream there.

While the MLB owners have already unanimously approved the A’s relocation to Las Vegas, Goodman’s comments highlight the ongoing debate surrounding the team’s future. As fans eagerly await the A’s decision on their 2025 home, the question of whether they will ultimately remain in Oakland or make the move to Las Vegas continues to captivate baseball enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s recent comments on the A’s possible relocation shed light on her desire for the team to stay in Oakland. However, she acknowledges that if the A’s do choose to relocate, Las Vegas would be more than willing to welcome them into their city. The ongoing discussion surrounding the A’s future adds an extra layer of excitement and uncertainty to the baseball world.

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