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Bellew Supports Whittaker’s Showboating, Reveals Potential Consequences


Bellew Supports Whittaker’s Showboating, Reveals Potential Consequences

Ben Whittaker, the rising star in the boxing world, has been making headlines recently for his showboating antics during his fights. While some critics have condemned his behavior as disrespectful, former world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew has come to his defense. In a recent interview with talkSPORT, Bellew expressed his support for Whittaker’s showboating but also warned of the potential consequences if anyone were to try it against him.

Whittaker’s most recent fight on the Joshua Buatsi vs Dan Azeez card ended in an impressive knockout of journeyman Khalid Graidia. However, it was not just his victory that caught people’s attention but also the way he conducted himself in the ring. Throughout the bout, Whittaker entertained the audience with his Matrix-like dodges and playful dance moves. This flamboyant display divided opinion among fans and experts alike.

As an Olympic silver medalist and with an undefeated professional record of 6-0, Whittaker has vowed to continue his showboating style. Bellew, who himself had a successful career in the sport, believes that Whittaker has every right to express himself in this manner. However, Bellew made it clear that he would not tolerate such behavior if someone were to try it against him in the ring.

In his interview on talkSPORT’s Drive, Bellew stated, “I think it’s each to their own. He’s a very talented boy… it’s not disrespectful, that’s just ridiculous to say.” Bellew acknowledged Whittaker’s skills and ability to create headlines but also warned that as Whittaker progresses and faces tougher opponents, his showboating may not be as effective. “You’re not doing that against guys like Artur Beterbiev or Sergey Kovalev,” Bellew cautioned.

Despite the differing opinions on his showboating, Whittaker has successfully kept himself in the limelight. Bellew commended him for his ability to generate attention, saying, “He wasn’t on the main event but people are still talking about him. Kudos to him. It’s brilliant.” Love him or hate him, Whittaker’s unique style has certainly gotten people in the boxing world talking.

In response to Bellew’s comments, talkSPORT host Jason Cundy asked if anyone had ever tried showboating against Bellew during his fighting career. Bellew confidently replied, “No, mate. They’d have been rendered unconscious!” His statement serves as a reminder that while showboating may be entertaining, it can also have severe consequences in the ring.

Whittaker himself has downplayed the recent criticism of his showboating, stating that he has been incorporating it into his boxing style throughout his career. Whether one agrees with his approach or not, there is no denying that Whittaker has become a prominent figure in the sport, thanks in part to his theatrical displays during fights.

As Whittaker continues to climb the ranks and face tougher opponents, the debate surrounding his showboating will likely intensify. Only time will tell if he can maintain his unique style and continue to succeed at higher levels of competition. For now, though, Whittaker can take pride in the fact that he has captured the attention of the boxing world and sparked a passionate discussion about the role of showmanship in the sport.

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