Title: Dolphins’ Terron Armstead Returns to Practice After Car Troubles


Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Terron Armstead’s return to practice was delayed due to an unexpected car breakdown. The Pro Bowler injured his left leg in August and was set to resume training when his vehicle malfunctioned on the way to the team’s training facility. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who passed by Armstead on the road, shared a lighthearted moment about the incident. Despite the car troubles, Armstead’s return is eagerly awaited by the team, as the Dolphins’ offensive line performed admirably in their recent victory against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Car Troubles Delay Armstead’s Return

Terron Armstead, a Pro Bowl offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins, encountered an unexpected detour on his way to practice. After suffering a left leg injury on August 17, Armstead was scheduled to return to training on Wednesday. However, his plans were disrupted when his car broke down en route to the team’s training facility. This unforeseen delay added an amusing twist to Armstead’s return.

Tagovailoa’s Missed Opportunity

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who was driving past Armstead on the road, missed the chance to assist his teammate due to uncertainty about his identity. Tagovailoa admitted that he saw someone on the side of the road but wasn’t sure if it was Armstead. He chose not to stop and reverse back to offer help. Instead, he informed Dolphins director of team security Drew Brooks about the situation. Although Tagovailoa missed the opportunity to assist Armstead, he shared a light-hearted moment about his decision.

Tagovailoa Grateful for Armstead’s Return

Despite the missed opportunity, Tua Tagovailoa expressed gratitude for Terron Armstead’s return to practice. He acknowledged Armstead’s leadership, presence in the huddle, and the respect he commands from his teammates. Tagovailoa also commended the performance of the offensive line in the Dolphins’ recent victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. The team did not allow a single sack during the game, highlighting the effectiveness of the offensive line’s protection.

The Offensive Line’s Stellar Performance

Tagovailoa praised the entire offensive line for their exceptional performance in Week 1. Kendall Lamm, Austin Jackson, Connor Williams, Rob Hunt, and Isaiah Wynn all received recognition for their contributions. The offensive line’s remarkable efforts were evident in their ability to neutralize formidable opponents such as Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack. Their success against these renowned defensive players bodes well for the Dolphins’ offensive strategy moving forward.

Looking Ahead

With Terron Armstead’s return to practice, the Miami Dolphins are eager to benefit from his leadership and expertise. Armstead’s presence in the huddle and his ability to inspire his teammates will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the team’s performance. Additionally, the strong showing by the offensive line in Week 1 instills confidence in the team’s offensive capabilities.


Terron Armstead’s return to practice for the Miami Dolphins was momentarily delayed due to car troubles. Despite quarterback Tua Tagovailoa passing by Armstead on the road without recognizing him, the incident provided a lighthearted moment for the team. Tagovailoa expressed gratitude for Armstead’s return and praised the entire offensive line for their outstanding performance in Week 1. With Armstead back in action, the Dolphins look forward to building on their early success and continuing their impressive offensive display.

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