David Moyes Reveals He Almost Returned to Everton

David Moyes, the current manager of West Ham United, has recently disclosed that he was on the verge of rejoining Everton. According to the Scottish manager, a deal with Everton was “done” in December 2019. However, Moyes ultimately ended up taking the West Ham job instead.

Moyes shared that he had been in Germany with Farhad Moshiri, the majority shareholder of Everton, to discuss the possibility of returning to the club. However, during their meeting, Moyes received a phone call from David Sullivan, the co-owner of West Ham. Despite being in the middle of negotiations with Everton, Moyes had to excuse himself from the meeting to take the call.

To his surprise, Moyes learned that Carlo Ancelotti had been sacked by Napoli that same night. This turn of events caused Everton to change their plans, even though Moyes had already informed David Sullivan of his intention to sign with Everton the day before.

The following day, Everton failed to make further contact with Moyes. Feeling uncertain about the situation, Moyes decided to reach out to David Sullivan and express his interest in the West Ham job. As it turned out, this decision proved to be the right one for Moyes.

Last season, Moyes led West Ham United to their first trophy since 1965. In a thrilling Europa Conference League final in Prague, Jarrod Bowen scored in the 90th minute to secure a 1-0 victory over Fiorentina. This triumph marked a significant milestone for the club and showcased Moyes’ managerial prowess.

This season, West Ham has continued their impressive form. Their unbeaten start to the Premier League campaign was only halted by Manchester City’s 3-1 comeback victory at London Stadium. Despite James Ward-Prowse’s diving header initially giving West Ham the lead, Manchester City’s triple strike in the second half secured the win for the reigning champions.

Moyes’ decision to join West Ham has undoubtedly paid off. The team’s success under his guidance has solidified his position as one of the top managers in English football. While Everton may have missed out on the opportunity to bring Moyes back to the club, West Ham has reaped the benefits of his expertise and leadership.

As Moyes reflects on his near return to Everton, he acknowledges that choosing West Ham was the right choice. The team’s achievements under his management speak for themselves, and Moyes is determined to continue building on their success.

In conclusion, David Moyes came close to rejoining Everton but ultimately decided to take the West Ham job. This decision has proven to be fruitful, as Moyes has led West Ham to their first trophy in decades and continued their impressive form this season. While Everton may have missed out on Moyes’ return, West Ham has flourished under his leadership. As Moyes looks back on his almost move to Everton, he is confident that he made the right choice and is focused on achieving further success with West Ham.

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