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Gary Lineker’s Botox Blunder: Match of the Day Host Unable to Raise Eyebrow on TV

Gary Lineker's Botox Blunder: Match of the Day Host Unable to Raise Eyebrow on TV

Gary Lineker, the host of Match of the Day, has revealed that he will never undergo a facelift after a botched Botox injection left him unable to raise his eyebrows while on television. In a recent interview with fellow BBC presenter Gabby Logan on the MidPoint podcast, Lineker opened up about his approach to staying in shape and looking younger.

While he doesn’t mind a bit of pampering, such as massages and facials, the 62-year-old former England striker is not interested in going under the knife. When asked if he would ever consider a facelift, Lineker quickly declined, saying “God no. No.” He went on to explain that he had tried Botox in the past, but it left him looking ridiculous and unable to move his eyebrow while on camera.

Instead of relying on injections and surgery, Lineker prefers to hit the gym to keep up his good looks. He works out three or four times a week and also does Pilates. He believes that the older you get, the more you need to exercise to stay in shape. He also admitted that he hates training but loves the feeling he gets after a good workout.

As a former footballer, Lineker has had plenty of experience with training and fitness. However, he believes that the training methods used during his playing days were not particularly effective. He was a striker and wanted to focus on honing his skills, such as finishing, but most of the training involved five-a-side games with little goals or shooting sessions where he only got one shot every ten minutes.

Despite his negative experiences with Botox and ineffective training methods, Lineker remains committed to staying fit and healthy. He believes that exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind, especially as you get older. While he may not be interested in facelifts or other cosmetic procedures, Lineker’s dedication to fitness and self-care is an inspiration to people of all ages.

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