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Examining the Pros and Cons of Mark Vientos as the Mets’ DH


Examining the Pros and Cons of Mark Vientos as the Mets’ DH


Mark Vientos, the power hitter for the New York Mets, is entering a new season with a fresh start. With a new front office and a new manager, Vientos sees an opportunity for regular playing time as the team keeps open the designated hitter (DH) spot in their lineup. While there are advantages to letting Vientos take on this role, there are also potential risks to consider. In this article, we will analyze the pros and cons of using Vientos as the Mets’ DH in the upcoming season.

PRO: The Mets need to evaluate younger players.

The Mets’ President of baseball operations, David Stearns, believes that 2024 should be a year of assessing younger players in major-league games. Vientos’ impressive performance in the minor leagues, with a career Triple-A OPS of .927 over 700 plate appearances, makes him a strong candidate for this evaluation. It is crucial for the Mets to provide consistent big-league playing time to players who have proven themselves at the minor-league level.

CON: Relying on multiple young players can be risky.

While it is essential to give young players an opportunity, relying on too many inexperienced players simultaneously can have its drawbacks. Integrating numerous young players into a win-now roster in a big market like New York can be challenging. The range of outcomes for younger players is wider, and if both Vientos and another young player like Brett Baty falter, it could weaken the team’s lineup.

PRO: Vientos brings power against high-velocity pitching.

In recent years, the sport has seen an increase in the number of harder throwers. Vientos has shown an ability to hit high-velocity pitches effectively, with a slugging percentage of .769 against pitches thrown 97 mph or harder. This skill is valuable for the Mets, as it adds power to their lineup where it may otherwise be lacking. Comparing his numbers to returning Mets players, Vientos has proven to be as good as any when it comes to hitting high velocity.

CON: Vientos didn’t excel in extended playing time last season.

While Vientos may not have received consistent playing time last season, he did have opportunities to show his potential. However, his performance during these extended stretches of playing time was not outstanding. His OPS during his two longest stretches was below the major-league average for DHs. This raises concerns about whether Vientos can consistently perform at the major-league level.

PRO: Projection systems view Vientos favorably.

When comparing projection systems for Vientos, J.D. Martinez, and Brandon Belt, there is a split in opinions. While some projections see Vientos as equal to or better than Martinez and Belt, others are more pessimistic about his potential. It is important to note that even the more pessimistic projections do not see a significant difference in performance between the three players.

CON: Even a small upgrade can make a difference for the Mets.

While the projections may not show a substantial difference between Vientos and the other potential DH options, even a slight improvement can impact the Mets’ chances of making the playoffs. With their projected win total hovering around the line between making or missing the playoffs, every extra win counts. Just ask the Diamondbacks and Cubs from last season, where one extra win made all the difference.


The decision to use Mark Vientos as the Mets’ DH comes with its own set of pros and cons. While it is crucial to evaluate younger players and give them a chance, relying on multiple inexperienced players simultaneously can be risky. Vientos brings power against high-velocity pitching, but his performance in extended playing time last season was not exceptional. Projection systems have different opinions on his potential compared to other potential DH options. Ultimately, the Mets must weigh these factors and make a decision that will give them the best chance of success in the upcoming season.

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