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Ex-Pro Footballer Quits Game for New Path

Ex-Pro Footballer Quits Game for New Path

Alan Comfort, a former professional footballer, has revealed how he left the sport to become a priest in the Church of England. Comfort played for QPR, Leyton Orient, Cambridge, and Middlesbrough between 1980 and 1989, making 250 senior appearances before his career was cut short by injury. After leaving football, he spent 21 years as the chaplain for Cambridge United FC before leaving in 2014. Comfort is now preparing to take over as vicar at St Andrew’s Church in Rushmere, Ipswich. He was voted Leyton Orient’s second greatest player of all time in 1999, having scored 48 goals in 150 league matches for the club.

Comfort’s journey to priesthood began when he met Graham Daniels, a Christian who played for Cambridge United at the time. Comfort said that Daniels was “known as the Christian at the club” and that he “always seemed to be so vibrant and alive”. Comfort was intrigued by Daniels’ faith and began attending church services himself. He said that he knew it would “mess [his] life up” but felt that it was “the best thing [he] could ever do”.

Comfort’s move from football to priesthood was not without its challenges. He said that he knew his parents and some of his former teammates would find it hard to accept his new path. However, he believes that presenting Christianity in the right way can “open worlds up for people” and be “such a good thing”. Comfort is excited to take over as vicar at St Andrew’s Church and hopes to connect with younger people in new ways.

Comfort’s story is not unique. Many people have left successful careers to pursue a calling to religious life. For some, it is a sudden realization that they are meant for something more than their current job. For others, it is a gradual process of discernment that takes years to unfold. Whatever the path, those who choose to follow it often find a sense of purpose and fulfillment that they never experienced before.

In Comfort’s case, his journey from footballer to priest has been a long and winding one. He never imagined that he would end up in the Church of England when he was playing professional football. However, he believes that his experiences on the pitch have helped him in his new role. He said that being a footballer taught him “to be disciplined, to work hard, and to be part of a team”. These are all qualities that he believes are important for anyone who wants to serve others.

Comfort’s story is a reminder that life is full of surprises. We never know where our paths will take us or what opportunities will come our way. However, if we are open to new experiences and willing to take risks, we may find that our lives are richer and more meaningful than we ever imagined.

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