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Dani Alves Trial: Day 2 Recap – 21 Testimonies, Including Wife of Former Barcelona Star


The Dani Alves trial, dubbed the ‘trial of the year’ in Spain, continued on its second day with a total of 21 witnesses testifying. Among them was Alves’ wife, Joana Sanz, and his friend Bruno Brasil, who was with him on the night of the alleged incident. The proceedings started on time and lasted for three hours, with a half-hour break in between.

The first witness to testify was Robert Massanet, the manager of the nightclub where the alleged assault took place. He recalled seeing the alleged victim crying and talking to the doorman at the entrance of the club. When he approached them, the woman identified Alves as the perpetrator. Massanet then took the women to a private room to hear their account of the incident. The alleged victim told him that she had gone into the private toilet voluntarily but then wanted to come out and couldn’t. She didn’t think anyone would believe her.

Next to testify was Rafael Lledo, who was in charge of managing the VIP room where Alves and the alleged victim met. He noted that Alves seemed different that night, behaving as if he had been drinking or smoking something. Another employee of the nightclub claimed to have treated the alleged victim for a knee injury, which he described as a burn. The woman reportedly told her friends that she regretted being there and didn’t want to be anymore.

Brasil, Alves’ friend who was present at the club that night, testified next. He emphasized Alves’ excessive drinking throughout the evening. They had dinner at a restaurant before going to Nuba bar, where Alves drank four gin and tonics. At the Sutton club, they ordered a large bottle of champagne and invited the alleged victim and her friends to join them. Brasil stated that he didn’t know about any plans Alves had when he went to the bathroom with the alleged victim. After some time, they all left the club, and Brasil drove Alves home.

The testimonies of the witnesses revealed contradictions and inconsistencies, with the alleged victim’s lawyer and the public prosecutor’s office pointing them out. However, several officers of the Catalan police who attended to the alleged victim affirmed that she was hesitant about reporting the incident due to fear and uncertainty. They also mentioned that Alves’ lawyer was aware of the case from the beginning, contrary to what the defense claimed.

After a half-hour break, more witnesses took the stand, including another friend who was with Alves earlier in the day. He testified that they had consumed a significant amount of alcohol before arriving at the club. The manager of the restaurant they dined at also noted that Alves left in a different state than when he arrived.

The final witness of the day was Alves’ wife, Joana Sanz. She chose to testify despite being given the option not to. Sanz described her husband as arriving home very drunk, smelling of alcohol, and appearing exhausted.

The trial will conclude on Wednesday, with Alves expected to give his final statement. The court will also review the evidence gathered and hear expert analysis. However, a verdict is not expected for another 20 days. Alves continues to deny the charge against him.

The allegations against Dani Alves date back to December 2022 when he was arrested for an alleged sexual assault in a nightclub in Barcelona. He has been in custody since January 2023 and is facing a nine-year prison sentence if convicted. The Spanish public prosecutor’s office is also seeking compensation for the alleged victim and a restraining order preventing Alves from being near her.

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