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    ‘England need to be like Germany’

    Gareth Southgate wants England to become a major reference point for world football domination.

    For the nation’s manager, it is even a case of: The more German, the better.

    Credit: The Sun

    outhgate, 52, said: “It is hard to talk about form because you are always six weeks, two months between games in international football, so what actually is form?

    “What there is, is pedigree. We want to be a Germany, who when I was looking at their Wikipedia page: four golds, four silvers, four bronzes.

    “European Championships — three golds, three silvers, three bronzes.

    “Yes, our page didn’t quite look like that but we’d love it if it did in 40 years’ time and that should be our aim, to be consistently challenging. We remind ourselves of the privilege of being here and the uniqueness of it. Only 16 England teams have ever been to a World Cup.

    “A lot of the staff and players are at their second. Raheem [Sterling] is at his third. You have to remind yourself of this moment in time.

    “Tournament football is different. Germany have always been one of the prime examples of that. That’s how we need to be, really.”


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