Why Thomas Muller is funniest man in football, from Bayern Munich team-mates’ pranks to fooling around with horse, Dave

    Defend easily the funniest man in football… When Thomas Muller is not banging in goals for Bayern Munich, the German forward is causing us to be laugh.

     Thomas Muller loves to play the class clown at Bayern Munich


    Thomas Muller likes to take part in the class clown at Bayern MunichCredit: Instagram @esmuellert
     Bayern shared pictures of Muller in his childhood bedroom when he signed a new deal


    Bayern shared images of Muller in the childhood bed room as he signed a brand new dealCredit: Getty
     And they also shared an image of the German in the same Bayern kit as a kid


    And in addition they shared a picture from the German within the same Bayern package like a kidCredit: Unfamiliar, obvious with picture desk

    Only now he’d the football world in hysterics as he savagely shot lower a fans’ wish he sign for Arsenal by laughing and saying a stern ‘No!’ In May, Muller, now 32, signed a brand new cope with the club that’ll keep him at Bayern till 2024. Hilariously, it had been announced having a picture from the German idol relaxing in an area similar to their own throughout his childhood. Talking about his new deal, Muller stated: “I am happy to have extended my hire FC Bayern Munich until 2024 today. “Your way we have been in since i have became a member of the FCB academy in 2000 is a fantastic success story thus far. “It provides me immense pleasure to carry in the red colours every year, off and on the pitch – whether or not the wind blows inside your face every so often. “So, let us carry on together!” Married to professional horse trainer Lisa, also, he owns a nag known as Dave, loves wearing Lederhosen and it is always clowning around. If that is insufficient, he’s calls themself the title of md of carrots due to his horse stable, and the madcap antics keep him and the team-mates entertained.

    HE LOVES Fancy Dress Outfits

    Come October, and individuals brilliant pictures Bayern Munich share of the players experiencing the annual Bavarian beer festival, consider Muller. You will find him outfitted towards the nines in traditional Lederhosen, pretending to lower beers and joshing together with his team-mates. He’s always had a smile on his face and is not afraid to bop Gangnam Style. See below! And also, since we are talking about beer, Thomas once put a chilly one over German TV presenter Markus Othmer after winning the 2014 title.

     Thomas Muller loves dressing up during Oktoberfest


    Thomas Muller loves dressing during OktoberfestCredit: Getty – Contributor
     Thomas Muller enjoys Oktoberfest with wife Lisa Muller


    Thomas Muller enjoys Oktoberfest with wife Lisa MullerCredit: AFP – Getty

    https://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=4VnKQVXtFfo &nbsp

     Thomas Muller drenches TV presenter Markus Othmer in beer


    Thomas Muller drenches TV presenter Markus Othmer in beerCredit: Getty – Contributor
     Thomas Muller does love to waste a good pint


    Thomas Muller does like to waste a great pintCredit: Getty – Contributor


    A well known prankster, Muller does not possess a horse known as Star or Spirit or Lucky… he’s chosen the most popular human name Dave rather. His missus has her very own stables, which Muller calls themself the md of carrots at because Bayern permit him from riding. Muller regularly attends occasions his dressage rider partner competes in and loves getting together with Dave. “I come here to look at if everything’s fine,” he once responded when requested why he loves horses. “But for the carrots. I’m the md of carrots! I watch the dogs. Sometimes I help a bit but it is her business. “I like it a great deal. They create me feel at ease, the attitude and just what they appear like and (how they) live their lives.

    “It’s fun. It’s not hard to relax around horses.” Absolutely a-neigh-zing.

     Thomas Muller loves to horse around with his nag Dave


    Thomas Muller likes to horse around together with his nag DaveCredit: Instagram @esmuellert

    https://world wide web.instagram.com/p/BZa-8cfDAzi/?taken-by=esmuellert

     Thomas Muller regularly attends equestrian events in Munich with Dave


    Thomas Muller regularly attends equestrian occasions in Munich with DaveCredit: Rex Features
     Lisa Muller rides Dave at the Munich Indoors FEI Horse Show Jumping event


    Lisa Muller rides Dave in the Munich Inside FEI Horse Show Jumping eventCredit: Rex Features

    Your Investment TRANSFER TALK

    Thomas knows the easiest method to avoid those annoying transfer rumours… and it is a undertake that old cell phone trick. Celebrities around the world know the easiest method to avoid questions from reporters when departing an airport terminal would be to pretend you are on the call. Thomas required that certain-step further, fooling us into thinking his passport was his mobile as he walked via a Munich terminal. Reporters attempted to inquire about if he was relocating to Manchester U . s ., but Muller could not hear all of them with his passport pressed facing his ear. Important even funnier can there be was really some truth towards the rumours! It had been revealed later that Muller’s wife blocked his proceed to Old Trafford because she didn’t wish to move abroad. Brilliant stuff in the German.

     Thomas Muller found a novel way of avoiding questions from reporters


    Thomas Muller found a singular method of staying away from questions from reportersCredit: Sky Sports
     Thomas Muller avoided answering rumours he was moving to Man United


    Thomas Muller prevented answering rumours he was relocating to Man U . s .Credit: Sky Sports
    Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller scores wonderful nick against Borussia Dortmund
     Thomas Muller is the joker in the pack at Bayern Munich


    Thomas Muller may be the joker within the pack at Bayern MunichCredit: Instagram @esmuellert

    They Know HIS AUDIENCE

    The jester of Bavaria knows exactly tips to get a crowd going – so we imply that literally. The scene was set, it had been a crunch Champions League quarter-final tie against Porto in 2015. Requiring a couple- win, Bayern dismantled the Portuguese giants 6-one in a fantastic blowout to win 7-4 on aggregate. Later on, players saluted their faithful fans who have been in fine voice. Realising his chance, Thomas ran directly into everyone else and grabbed a megaphone from among the fans. He brought the celebrations and chants, much towards the delight of the house crowd and the teammates who could not hide their smiles. He’s repeated the secret since, doing exactly the same against Juventus in 2016 following a remarkable win.

     Thomas Muller grabs the mic to serenade the home fans after beating Porto


    Thomas Muller grabs the mic to serenade the house fans after beating PortoCredit: Getty – Contributor
     Thomas Muller leads the Bayern Munich faithful with a song


    Thomas Muller leads the Bayern Munich faithful having a songCredit: Getty – Contributor
    Thomas Muller welcomes baby foal known as Gameday as Bayern Munich star’s horse stable keeps growing


    The prankster once teased ex-team-mate Mario Gotze throughout a TV interview for putting on the incorrect jersey the final time he won a Bundesliga before joining Bayern. He purposefully fell over throughout a pre-orchestrated free kick routine for Germany. And Muller also told a reporter he’d wipe his backside together with his Golden Boot trophy following Germany’s 2014 World Cup win. If you are still not convinced of his comic prowess, discover the shocking truth below.

     Thomas Muller enjoys playing pranks on his teammates


    Thomas Muller enjoys playing pranks on his teammatesCredit: Instagram @esmuellert

    https://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=pyEUGxkGmHM

    BUT They are Not Every WINNERS…

    Muller is at jovial mood after Bayern Munich’s thumping 8-2 make an impression on Barcelona in 2020.&nbsp But his attempt for a tale left the put together media unamused. Speaking after his side’s triumph, he stated: “We at Bayern have Robert LewanGOALski.” Apparently confused that journalists were not moving within the aisles at his brilliant experience words, he repeated: “You realize, Robert LewanGOALski.” But around Muller think it is a side splitter of the pun, he did not quite obtain the reaction he wanted using the room remaining deathly silent.

    Thomas Muller cracks awful Robert ‘LewanGOALski’ joke after Bayern win


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