The final games of the Premier League season are unique in their format compared to all other games in the season. All games on the final day start at the same time, which is 4:30 pm. This is done to ensure that no team has an advantage over their rivals on the table. If a team plays before their rivals, they may know what they need to do to achieve their objectives, which could give them an unfair advantage.

Another reason why games start at the same time is due to UEFA blackout rules. These rules prohibit Premier League or FA Cup games from being broadcasted live on TV on Saturdays between 2:45 pm and 5:15 pm. This rule was first introduced in the 1960s to encourage fans to attend football matches in person.

The final games of the Premier League season are also all shown on TV. Unfortunately, not all of the ten fixtures scheduled for the final day are being shown live in the UK. Only four games will be broadcasted live, with three being shown on Sky Sports and one on BT Sport. The fixtures being shown on Sky Sports are Aston Villa vs Brighton, Everton vs Bournemouth, and Leicester City vs West Ham. The Leeds vs Tottenham match will be shown on BT Sport.

Premier League fans across the country will be eagerly awaiting match day, whether they are watching from home or in a pub with friends. The unique format of the final games ensures that every team has an equal chance to achieve their objectives and that fans can enjoy watching all of the games on TV.

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