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West Ham fan critical after falling from bus in Cyprus while intoxicated and carrying cocaine


A West Ham supporter is currently in critical condition in Nicosia General Hospital after falling out of a minibus while allegedly under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. The 38-year-old fan reportedly opened a window of the moving vehicle and sat on the edge before falling onto the road. He sustained serious head injuries and is being treated in the hospital.

The injured fan was part of a group of six West Ham supporters aged between 30-41 who were in Cyprus to watch their team play AEK Larnaca in the Europa Conference League Round of 16 first leg. One of the group has been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

According to a police statement, the injured supporter was found with 1.5g of cocaine in his possession. The statement said: “One of the 38-year-old passengers, who was in the back seat, appears to have opened the window of the car and sat on it, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the road.”

The statement also revealed that the driver of the vehicle was subjected to a breathalyser test with a zero reading, but a preliminary drug test showed a positive result. Paphos Traffic Police are currently investigating the incident.

The injured fan was initially taken to Limassol General Hospital before being transferred to Nicosia General Hospital due to the seriousness of his condition. He is currently being treated in a critical but stable condition.

This incident highlights the dangers of drug and alcohol use, particularly when combined with reckless behaviour. It is important for football fans to remember to behave responsibly and respect local laws and customs when travelling abroad to support their team.

West Ham United Football Club has not yet released a statement regarding the incident. However, it is likely that they will remind their fans to behave responsibly and represent the club in a positive light when travelling to away games.

Football fans have a responsibility to behave in a respectful and safe manner when travelling to support their team. This includes avoiding drug and alcohol use, as well as reckless behaviour that could put themselves or others at risk.

It is important for clubs to remind their fans of these responsibilities and to work with local authorities to ensure that their supporters are safe and well-behaved when travelling abroad. By promoting responsible behaviour, clubs can help to ensure that football fans are seen as positive ambassadors for their club and their country.

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