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Vinicius Jr Abuse: Change Needed – Balague

Vinicius Jr Abuse: Change Needed - Balague

The disgusting racist abuse that Vinicius Jr. receives almost wherever he plays in La Liga is a clear indication that things need to change. Vini is right to not put up with this constant racist abuse and has made it clear that enough is enough. On Monday, FIFA President Gianni Infantino suggested that his organisation’s protocols could have led to players leaving the pitch, however La Liga protocols, which contemplate that possibility, were followed by the referee on this occasion. Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has said that maybe protocol has to be changed, and that it should be allowed for teams to walk out if they want to as soon as they feel it is the right thing to do, without being punished for it. This would be a step in the right direction and many would applaud the gesture.

La Liga has been criticized for not doing enough, however they have reported every single incident, investigated it and sent the details of the investigation to the police. It is then down to the police and judges to take the next step. The law is relatively strong and if followed to the letter, it can take people to prison, however there have only been a few court cases regarding racial abuse. Many of these cases have been thrown out due to lack of evidence or judges not seeing racial abuse as something to be punished.

It is clear that a change in the law alone will not get to the heart of the problem. Society needs to take this issue more seriously and universally condemn the abuse. A committee of respected experts should be created and their conclusions followed up everywhere, from clubs to courts. It is difficult times, but the fight to eradicate racism must continue on a daily basis.

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