Title: Alexander Mattison Receives Racist Messages After Vikings’ Loss to Eagles


Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison recently revealed that he received over 60 racially offensive and disrespectful messages on his Instagram account following the team’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The messages included racial slurs and even calls for him to commit suicide. This incident highlights the ongoing issue of racism in sports and society as a whole. Both the Vikings and the NFL have expressed their support for Mattison and condemned the racist behavior.

The Disturbing Messages

Mattison, who had a challenging game with 28 rushing yards on eight carries and a fumble, took to Instagram to share two of the offensive messages he received. In response, he expressed his disappointment and called out the unacceptable nature of these messages. He emphasized that he is not just a football player but also a human being, a father, and a son. Mattison urged those responsible to reflect on the impact of their words and how they can truly affect someone’s well-being.

Support from the Vikings and the NFL

The Minnesota Vikings and the NFL swiftly responded to the incident by issuing statements of support for Mattison. The Vikings expressed their disgust at the racial slurs and hatred directed towards him. They emphasized that there is no place for such behavior in sports or society. The team reaffirmed its commitment to fighting against hate, promoting education, and fostering an inclusive community that values diversity. The Vikings stood in solidarity with Mattison and all players who face similar ignorant and prejudiced behavior, urging fans to join them in the fight against racism.

The NFL also strongly condemned the racist comments directed at Mattison, stating that such behavior is completely unacceptable within the league or anywhere else. The league reminded fans to recognize the humanity of all players and appreciate their contributions to the game. These statements from both the team and the league highlight their commitment to combating racism and creating a more inclusive environment within football.

The Impact of Racism in Sports

This incident involving Alexander Mattison is just one example of the ongoing issue of racism in sports. Athletes, particularly those from marginalized communities, often face racial slurs, discrimination, and hate speech both on and off the field. Such incidents not only affect the mental well-being of the players but also perpetuate a culture of intolerance and division.

Racism has no place in sports or any other aspect of society. It is essential for fans, organizations, and governing bodies to actively work towards eliminating racism and promoting equality. Athletes should be able to focus on their game without fear of being subjected to racial abuse. By standing up against racism, we can create an environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

The Need for Education and Awareness

To combat racism effectively, education and awareness are crucial. It is essential to educate fans, players, and the wider community about the impact of racial slurs and discriminatory behavior. By fostering understanding and empathy, we can create a more inclusive sporting culture.

Organizations like the NFL should continue to prioritize anti-racism initiatives, including diversity training programs and awareness campaigns. By promoting inclusivity and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of players, the league can set an example for fans and inspire positive change.


The racist messages received by Alexander Mattison after the Vikings’ loss to the Eagles highlight the ongoing issue of racism in sports. The incident serves as a reminder that athletes are not immune to hate speech and discrimination. It is crucial for fans, organizations, and governing bodies to take a stand against racism and work towards creating a more inclusive sporting environment.

The support shown by the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL is commendable. However, it is essential to go beyond statements and take concrete actions to address this issue. By promoting education, awareness, and inclusivity, we can create a future where racism has no place in sports or society. It is time to stand together and fight against racism in all its forms.

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