ARSENAL have the chance to secure Champions League football for the first time in FIVE years when they travel to Tottenham Hotspur tonight.

Spurs went to Anfield and picked up a well-earned point over quadruple chasing Liverpool last weekend. But it didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things as the Gunners’ hard-fought victory over Leeds opened up a four point gap in the hunt for fourth spot.

However, Antonio Conte’s side’s performance will have given Spurs the confidence to go and salvage something from this in-form Arsenal side.

  • Start time: 7.45pm BST
  • TV/Live stream: Sky Sports Premier League
  • Tottenham XI: Lloris, Royal, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Sessegnon, Bentancur, Hojbjerg, Kulusevski, Son, Kane
  • Arsenal XI: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Holding, Gabriel, Cedric, Xhaka, Elneny, Odegaard, Martinelli, Nketiah

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Follow ALL the action with our live blog below…

  • Goal – Son Heung-Min (Tottenham)

  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    46. There is no beating about the bush.

    Arsenal need a goal in the first 15 minutes of this half.

    If Tottenham catch them with another it is damage limitation time.

  • Kick-off: Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    And Conte’s team get the second half started.

    They have the chance to put their rivals to the sword here.

    An early goal and this could be a bloodbath.

  • HT: Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    Arteta will be wondering what options he has to change this game.

    They need to come out of the traps and go out the home side.

    Easier said than done when your opponents have a man advantage.

  • HT: Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    The last time a group of Arsenal players looked so unstable in North London Adams, Parlour, Merson, Keown and Winterburn were all pouring out of a club.

    Arteta’s side were hurt by that Kane penalty and hit the self-destruct button.

    What they would give for some of those players in their current line-up.

  • HT: Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    The referee brings the half to a close.

    Like a heavyweight prize fight, the favourite looked good in the early rounds.

    Then sucker punched as their poor defence allowed danger through they finished the round a bit leggy on the ropes.

  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    45. It looks like we will have two additional minutes.

    Arsenal are starting to come around slightly.

    Martinelli seems like the sort of person who always has two seats to himself on the team bus after games.

  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    43. Arsenal manage to get themselves a corner as Nketiah tries his luck and Lloris tips it over.

    A possible way back into this game.

    The corner fails to beat the first man.

    Like a decorator painting your windows.

  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    41. Conte still looks like he is wondering how is going to get to Paris and hunt down the kidnappers with such little information still.

    Meanwhile his team are running riot on the pitch.

    Arteta is daydreaming of his happy place, holding Pep’s hand on that Man City bench taking about tapas and sangria.

  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    39. I haven’t seen anyone fold like this Arsenal team since the World Origami Championships in Seoul ’88.

    Arsenal look very nervous.

    The half-time whistle cannot come soon enough.

  • Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

    37. This is turning into a horror show for Arsenal.

    The corner is whipped in and flicked on to the back post.

    Kane is lurking and stoops down to head home.

  • Goal – Harry Kane (Tottenham)

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    35. Arsenal are in danger of imploding.

    Everything is going the way of Antonio Conte’s side at the moment.

    More worryingly, Arsenal are the architects of their own problems.

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    33. A clipped ball over the top of the Arsenal defence.

    As Son takes on Holding a foot race, the defender blocks him off with a forearm and he goes to ground.

    Having already been booked, it’s ‘taxi for Holding’ time!

  • Red card – Rob Holding (Arsenal)

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    31. Elneny gives the ball away to Kulusevski.

    Arteta needs his players to stand firm until half time.

    They also need to manage their temperament.

    At this rate they will have more cards than a Vegas magic act soon.

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    29. Xhaka tries his luck from distance after scoring a screamer from distance at The Emirates the other week.

    Granted, that is not a regular occurrence.

    It would be like Sir Isaac Newton expecting to discover something as ground-breaking as gravity every week.

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    27. The Tottenham fans all join in for a rendition of ‘Oh when the Spurs go marching in’.

    Conte’s side growing in confidence.

    Side note, how are Southampton not getting some copyright infringement case involved with that song?

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    25. For the neutral, that goal is what the game needed.

    No option to sit back for Arsenal now.

    The momentum Spurs could gain for a derby win could be a telling factor in this race for fourth place.

  • Tottenham 1-0 Arsenal

    23. The Tottenham talisman duly delivers.

    Sending Hugo Lloris the wrong way.

    Tony Adams would be fighting Cedric about now.

  • Goal – Harry Kane (Tottenham)

  • Tottenham 0-0 Arsenal

    21. VAR will look at this.

    Cedric is hoping more than anything as that was clumsy.

    Chance for Kane to put his side in front.

  • Penalty to Tottenham!!

  • Tottenham 0-0 Arsenal

    20. Emerson Royal is getting more of the ball to try and ping balls into the box.

    Arsenal are holding firm aerially at the moment.

    Tottenham knocking on the door.

  • Tottenham 0-0 Arsenal

    18. When the camera often catches glimpses of Conte, he always seems to be pondering news that a member of his family has just been ‘Taken’ backpacking through Europe.

    That is the level of stress this side brings to him.

    Kane has come wide looking for more of the ball.


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