Tennessee Titans’ DeAndre Hopkins Expected to Play Despite Ankle Injury

Sunday’s Game Against Los Angeles Chargers

Sep 17, 2023, 12:11 AM ET

Tennessee Titans’ star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, who was listed as questionable with an ankle injury, is expected to play in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers, according to a source close to the situation.

Hopkins sustained the injury during the final offensive play of last week’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. Despite not practicing all week, he has been diligently preparing for the upcoming game against the Chargers.

Titans’ Injury Report

In addition to Hopkins’ injury, the Titans have ruled out safety Amani Hooker and cornerback Kristian Fulton for Sunday’s game. The absence of these key defensive players could pose a challenge for the Titans’ defense against the Chargers’ potent offense.

DeAndre Hopkins’ Impact

DeAndre Hopkins, at 31 years old, is a crucial component of the Titans’ offense. Known for his exceptional route-running and reliable hands, Hopkins is a favorite target for quarterback Ryan Tannehill. In Week 1, he recorded seven catches for 65 yards, showcasing his ability to make impactful plays.

Despite his ankle injury, Hopkins’ determination to play demonstrates his commitment to his team and their pursuit of victory. His presence on the field will undoubtedly provide a boost to the Titans’ offense and increase their chances of success against the Chargers.

Titans vs. Chargers

The upcoming game between the Titans and the Chargers promises to be an exciting matchup. Both teams possess talented rosters and have high expectations for the season.

The Titans will rely on their offensive weapons, including DeAndre Hopkins, to outscore the Chargers’ offense led by quarterback Justin Herbert. The absence of key defensive players, such as Amani Hooker and Kristian Fulton, will require the Titans’ defense to step up and find ways to contain the Chargers’ explosive playmakers.

On the other hand, the Chargers’ defense will look to exploit the Titans’ vulnerabilities and put pressure on Ryan Tannehill. With Hopkins’ injury, the Chargers’ defense may focus on limiting the effectiveness of other Titans’ receivers, forcing Tannehill to rely on secondary options.

Overall, Sunday’s game is expected to be a closely contested battle between two competitive teams. The outcome could have significant implications for both teams’ playoff aspirations and set the tone for the remainder of the season.


Despite nursing an ankle injury, DeAndre Hopkins is determined to take the field for the Tennessee Titans in their game against the Los Angeles Chargers. His presence will be crucial for the Titans’ offense as they aim to outscore the Chargers’ potent attack.

However, the Titans will face challenges with the absence of key defensive players, Amani Hooker and Kristian Fulton. Their defense will need to step up and find ways to contain the Chargers’ explosive playmakers.

Ultimately, Sunday’s game will be a highly anticipated matchup that could have significant implications for both teams’ seasons. Football fans can expect an intense battle between two talented teams vying for victory.

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