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Surprising Bellingham Stat Revealed Before Clash with LaLiga Rivals Girona


Jude Bellingham, the rising star at Real Madrid, has experienced an unexpected goal drought in recent games. Surprisingly, the 20-year-old has not scored from open play since December. This is quite a contrast to his earlier performances, where he smashed in 18 goals in 20 games, breaking records and solidifying his position as one of the best players in the world.

Bellingham’s goalscoring prowess has caught everyone by surprise, including manager Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti expressed his astonishment at Bellingham’s maturity and focus on the pitch, stating that he feels like Bellingham is already 30 years old. The young player’s character, personality, and skills have impressed everyone at the club.

Since his £88.5 million move from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid in the summer, Bellingham has shown his value for money. He has proven that he can excel in any position on the pitch, and his goalscoring abilities have improved since being played in a more advanced role.

However, Bellingham’s recent goal drought was somewhat inevitable considering the high standards he set for himself. He was on track to score over 40 goals this season, a feat that even top strikers struggle to achieve. Additionally, Bellingham’s teammates have stepped up and contributed more goals in recent weeks, with Rodrygo and Joselu both reaching double figures.

In the last eight games without a goal from open play, Real Madrid has only lost once. They have won six matches and drawn one, demonstrating their strong performance as a team. It is worth noting that these games were against teams in the bottom half of the table, suggesting that Bellingham may struggle to find space against more defensive opponents.

Furthermore, Bellingham’s chances have decreased in the past eight games, with an average of only 2.8 shots per game compared to 3.6 in his previous 20 matches. This could be a temporary blip or a reflection of his exceptional goalscoring run at the start of the season.

As Real Madrid prepares to face title contenders Girona, Bellingham will be hoping to break his goal drought and contribute to his team’s success. A goal from open play would be a welcome boost for both Bellingham and Real Madrid as they continue their pursuit of silverware.

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