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“Stunning Wag of Forgotten Premier League Star: 10 Best Snaps to Wow Fans”


Title: Sergio Reguilon’s Stunning WAG Marta Diaz Delights Fans with Instagram Photo Drop


Sergio Reguilon, the Tottenham full-back, may have been out of the spotlight recently, but his gorgeous partner Marta Diaz has captivated fans with her recent Instagram post. Marta, who boasts a massive following on social media, shared “10 random photos” that showcased her beauty and style. As Reguilon prepares for a fresh start under new manager Ange Postecoglou, fans are eagerly anticipating Marta’s return to the capital.

1. Marta Diaz: A Rising Star in Her Own Right

Marta Diaz, the stunning partner of Sergio Reguilon, has gained significant popularity in her own right. With over 3.3 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Marta has become a social media sensation. Her recent Instagram post, featuring “10 random photos,” garnered immense attention and praise from her followers.

2. Marta’s Instagram Photo Drop

Marta’s Instagram post showcased her versatility and beauty through a series of captivating photos. The collection included shots of her in a school uniform, a vibrant yellow outfit, and a stylish crop top. Each photo was accompanied by a caption that provided context and insight into Marta’s life. Her followers were quick to express their admiration for her stunning looks and fashion sense.

3. Marta’s Influence on Social Media

Marta’s massive following on Instagram and YouTube is a testament to her influence and popularity. Her engaging content, which includes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos, has resonated with millions of fans worldwide. Marta’s ability to connect with her audience has made her an influential figure in the digital space.

4. Reguilon’s Future at Tottenham

Sergio Reguilon’s future at Tottenham remains uncertain as he returns from a loan spell at Atletico Madrid. Despite featuring only 12 times due to injuries, Reguilon is expected to be part of the first group of players to work under new manager Ange Postecoglou. As the club embarks on a new era, fans are excited about the potential impact Reguilon can make on the team.

5. Marta’s Return to London

With Reguilon’s return to Tottenham, fans are equally thrilled about Marta’s presence in London. The couple, who started dating in 2019, has been a source of fascination for fans since they went public with their relationship. Marta’s vibrant personality and stunning looks have made her a beloved figure among Tottenham supporters.


Sergio Reguilon’s partner, Marta Diaz, has once again captivated fans with her recent Instagram post. The collection of “10 random photos” showcased Marta’s beauty, style, and engaging personality. With a massive following on social media platforms, Marta has become an influential figure in the digital space. As Reguilon prepares for a fresh start at Tottenham, fans eagerly anticipate Marta’s return to the capital and the positive impact she brings both on and off the field.

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