Simon Jordan says Gary Neville ‘wins prize for biggest hypocrite’ after Manchester United legend reveals job with Qatar-backed beIN Sports for 2022 World Cup

    Simon Jordan has labelled Gary Neville a ‘disingenuous blowhard hypocrite’ after the Manchester United legend revealed his role at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

    Neville announced on Twitter this week that he will be working for ITV and Qatar state broadcaster beIN Sports during the showpiece event.


    Neville faced backlash after announcing his decision to work for beIN Sports at he upcoming World Cup

    The former Manchester United and England defender has received widespread criticism for his decision to work for beIN Sports after condemning the Gulf state during a documentary highlighting migrant worker’s living conditions.

    But now Neville insists he will use his platform at the World Cup to highlight the problems he has seen first hand during his visits to Qatar.

    He tweeted: “Yes, I’m going to the World Cup and, yes, working for ITV and Bein. I will highlight those issues I have for years.”

    Simon Jordan – who himself will be broadcasting from Qatar during the tournament for talkSPORT – slammed Neville and labelled him as a hypocrite for his stance.

    “We can land him with the prize tag of the biggest hypocrite we’ve recently seen and there’s a long list that would fit that particular bill,” said the White and Jordan host.

    “I am not for this World Cup. I am also not for the west preaching to the Middle East. I am not for this World Cup, but we’re gonna go over there and broadcast shows from there – does that make me a hypocrite because I’m not for something?

    “I’ve also balanced it up by saying it’s not our gift to lecture other people in the world of how to operate in their societies.


    Simon Jordan has hit back at Neville calling him a hypocrite after initially criticising Qatar’s treatment of its workers

    “Gary talks sense about a lot of things and a lot of nonsense about some other things, and in this instance of course he’s going to be called a hypocrite, because when you want to advance a cause you have to invest some self-sacrifice in that and no one wants to.

    Hummel don’t want to, Sainsbury’s don’t want to by advertising the fact ‘we love pride’ while selling products to Saudi Arabian stores, which is one of the most discriminatory countries in the world towards LGBT issues, and Gary Neville doesn’t want to.”

    Jordan continued with this message to the former defender: “Let’s stop with the lecture, let’s stop with the virtue signalling and get on with the fact that you’re the same as everybody else!

    “You have different views, they are conflicted at times and what your primary view is, ’What am I in the business of? I’m in the business of Gary Neville’.

    YouTube: The Overlap

    Neville documented his trip to Qatar ahead of the World Cup for his video series The Overlap

    Neville’s documentary intended to lift the lid on migrant working conditions in the construction of stadia for the World Cup

    “There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you have strong views, you can’t then say, ‘I’m going to park those views because I’m going to get a big bag of money’.”

    Neville assured fans that he will address the key issue of human rights when on air during the tournament, but Jordan is not convinced the Sky Sports pundit will do so.

    “Rubbish,” said Jordan. “He’s there to comment on games, he’s not going to break off from the left winger who’s just put in a good cross to talk about migrant workers having suffered terrible fates, is he? 

    “Nonsense! He’s getting paid a bag of money to do football commentary and that’s fine.

    “But leave off with the rest! If you want to have these views then you’ve got to back them up with substance, and that’s where he falls down.”

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