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Shocked Fans Wonder: How Did This Star Get into EA Sports FC?


Title: Tottenham Hotspur Fans Question Eric Dier’s Appearance in EA Sports FC 24 Trailer


Tottenham Hotspur fans were left puzzled after spotting Eric Dier in the new EA Sports FC 24 trailer. Released on Monday, the trailer features several football stars as their in-game likenesses. While the game marks EA Sports’ first release since ending its relationship with FIFA, fans were more interested in Dier’s unexpected appearance. This article explores the fans’ reactions and speculates on how Dier made it into the trailer.

Dier’s Surprise Appearance

In the EA Sports FC 24 trailer, Eric Dier can be seen in a changing room alongside Jude Bellingham and Andy Robertson. The unexpected sighting of Dier sparked a flurry of reactions from Tottenham Hotspur fans. One fan took to Twitter, expressing disbelief, “I know that’s not who I think it is… How’s he finessed his way into the trailer??” Another fan questioned the choice, stating, “Could’ve chosen anyone else in the squad…” Some fans even wondered why Dier was featured over star player Harry Kane.

Other Tottenham Hotspur Players in the Trailer

While Dier’s appearance raised eyebrows, he was not the only Tottenham Hotspur player to feature in the EA Sports FC 24 trailer. Richarlison, Son Heung-min, and James Maddison also made appearances. Son, in particular, stood out as he graced the cover of the game’s Ultimate Edition alongside football giants Erling Haaland and Virgil van Dijk. It seems that despite Dier’s unexpected inclusion, other Spurs players were well-represented in the game.

A Blunder Involving Christian Benteke

In addition to the surprise appearance of Eric Dier, fans also spotted a blunder involving former Liverpool striker Christian Benteke. The Belgian forward took to social media to express his disappointment after realizing he had been mistakenly included in the trailer. Benteke humorously claimed he had “been done dirty” by the developers. This blunder added another layer of intrigue to the trailer and further fueled speculation about how Dier made it into the game.

Speculation Surrounding Dier’s Inclusion

The inclusion of Eric Dier in the EA Sports FC 24 trailer has left fans wondering how he managed to secure a spot. While the exact reason remains unknown, there are several possibilities. One theory suggests that Dier’s appearance could be a result of his popularity among gamers or his involvement in the gaming community. Another possibility is that Dier’s inclusion was a deliberate marketing strategy by EA Sports to generate buzz and intrigue among fans. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that Dier’s presence has sparked curiosity and discussion among Tottenham Hotspur supporters.


The unexpected appearance of Eric Dier in the EA Sports FC 24 trailer has left Tottenham Hotspur fans questioning how he managed to secure a spot alongside other football stars. While some fans expressed surprise and disbelief, others speculated on the reasons behind his inclusion. With other Spurs players also featuring in the trailer, it remains unclear why Dier stood out among his teammates. Whether it was due to his popularity among gamers or a deliberate marketing strategy by EA Sports, Dier’s presence has certainly generated intrigue and conversation. As fans eagerly await the release of EA Sports FC 24, they can only wonder what surprises await them in the game itself.

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