Title: Rams’ Receiver Puka Nacua Expected to Play Against 49ers, Coach McVay Says


The Los Angeles Rams are optimistic about the availability of rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua for their upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. Despite being listed as questionable on the injury report with an oblique injury, coach Sean McVay expressed confidence that Nacua would be ready to go. This article explores Nacua’s impact in his debut game, the absence of star receiver Cooper Kupp, and the team’s cautious approach to managing injuries.

Heading 1: Nacua’s Impressive Debut Raises Expectations

In his first NFL game against the Seattle Seahawks, Puka Nacua made an immediate impact. The fifth-round draft pick recorded 10 catches for 119 yards, setting a franchise record for receiving yards in a rookie’s debut game. This outstanding performance has raised expectations for the young receiver and showcased his potential as a valuable asset to the Rams’ offense.

Heading 2: Rams’ Optimism Despite Nacua’s Oblique Injury

Despite Nacua’s oblique injury, coach Sean McVay remains optimistic about his availability for the upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. McVay emphasized the team’s cautious approach, ensuring Nacua receives proper rest and treatment to maximize his chances of playing on Sunday. The Rams recognize Nacua’s physicality and want to ensure he is in the best possible condition to contribute to the team’s success.

Heading 3: Cooper Kupp’s Absence Creates Opportunities

The absence of star wide receiver Cooper Kupp due to a hamstring injury has created opportunities for other receivers on the Rams’ roster. Kupp is currently on injured reserve but is eligible to return in Week 5. Coach McVay expressed hope that Kupp would be ready to play against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 5 but emphasized the importance of not rushing his recovery. The team’s decision to place Kupp on injured reserve allows him to fully heal before returning to the field.

Heading 4: Rams’ Prudent Approach to Player Health

Coach McVay’s decision to place Cooper Kupp on injured reserve highlights the Rams’ cautious approach to player health. McVay acknowledged Kupp’s competitiveness and desire to be on the field but emphasized the need to protect him from further injury. By placing Kupp on injured reserve, the team ensures he has sufficient time to recover and reduces the risk of reaggravating his hamstring injury. The Rams prioritize the long-term well-being of their players over short-term gains.


The Los Angeles Rams are optimistic about rookie receiver Puka Nacua’s availability for their game against the San Francisco 49ers, despite listing him as questionable due to an oblique injury. Nacua’s impressive debut has raised expectations for his future contributions to the team. With star receiver Cooper Kupp currently on injured reserve, the Rams are relying on their depth at the wide receiver position. Coach McVay’s cautious approach to player health underscores the team’s commitment to long-term success. As the Rams prepare for their upcoming game, they remain hopeful that Nacua will be ready to make an impact on the field.

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