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Pochettino’s Reluctance on Palmer at Chelsea: Persuasion Needed | G3 Football


Mauricio Pochettino Initially Hesitant about Chelsea’s Signing of Cole Palmer

Chelsea’s acquisition of Cole Palmer in the summer did not initially receive full approval from Mauricio Pochettino. However, since joining Stamford Bridge, the former Manchester City star has made an impressive impact.

Mauricio Pochettino had to be persuaded to sign Cole Palmer

Mauricio Pochettino had to be persuaded to sign Cole Palmer
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Palmer, 21, has already scored four goals in 11 games for Chelsea, all of which have come from penalty kicks. Notably, he displayed composure and skill by equalizing in the last minute of the recent 4-4 draw against City.

According to the Daily Mail, Pochettino initially had reservations about signing Palmer, as he believed that his squad already had sufficient attacking wide players. However, the Chelsea boss was eventually convinced by director of recruitment Joe Shields to proceed with the transfer.

Chelsea’s pursuit of Palmer came after their interest in Michael Olise, who ultimately signed a new contract with Crystal Palace.


Pochettino’s decision to green-light Palmer’s transfer has proven fruitful, as the forward’s performances for Chelsea may earn him a place in Gareth Southgate’s Euro 2024 squad. There is speculation that Palmer and Anthony Gordon are in contention for a spot, with Jamie Carragher suggesting that Palmer’s recent form could give him the edge.

Carragher stated, “Now, Cole Palmer was in the last squad. He’s been outstanding since he went to Chelsea. Which may be a little bit harsh or he might feel a little hard done by, Anthony Gordon, considering what he’s done for the national team in the summer. But, for me, if he continues how he’s going I think it could be a toss-up between him and Cole Palmer.”

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