Home Football “Plymouth’s ‘Piggy Fries’ Drive Hungry Fans Wild with Affordable Prices”

“Plymouth’s ‘Piggy Fries’ Drive Hungry Fans Wild with Affordable Prices”

Football fans have been raving about Plymouth Argyle’s ‘Piggy Fries’, a delicious dish that has been priced as cheap as chips. Fans of the sport are always on the lookout for some tasty grub to enjoy with their beer, and the ‘Piggy Fries’ have certainly impressed supporters. The dish consists of a mountain of chips topped with piles of pulled pork, mouth-watering bacon rashers, and a healthy serving of grated cheddar cheese. Fans were not only impressed with the quantity and quality of the dish, but also the brilliant price tag of just £2.

Last month, supporters at Grimsby Town were treated to a mouthwatering brisket sandwich and waffles, while Bolton Wanderers have been serving up a stunning chicken tikka naan complete with garlic fries. However, Plymouth Argyle fans might just be in for the best of the lot after being presented with some scrumptious scran for a bargain price.

Reacting to the meal on Footy Scran, one fan said: “How can that possibly only be £2?” Another declared: “For 2 quid that’s sensational, melt the cheese and that’s 10/10 scran.” One noted: “Put that under the broiler for a second and it’s perfect.” Another added: “Get me this immediately!”

The ‘Piggy Fries’ certainly put foods sold at other grounds to shame. Fans in the Japanese J League were left horrified after being sold a pizza topped with sausage and kiwi fruit. And at the World Cup, ripped-off supporters were charged £9 for a plain salad and dry nachos at the “best Fifa Fan Festival in history.”

In conclusion, football fans have been going wild for Plymouth Argyle’s ‘Piggy Fries’. The dish is a delicious combination of chips, pulled pork, bacon rashers, and grated cheddar cheese, all priced at just £2. Fans have been left stunned by the quality and quantity of the dish, as well as its bargain price tag. The ‘Piggy Fries’ have certainly set a high standard for other football grounds to follow.

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