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Player who has influenced his manager to play him: Garth Crooks’ Team of the Week


Garth Crooks’ Team of the Week: Influential Players Shine in Premier League Matches

Liverpool’s Caoimhin Kelleher Impresses Once Again

Liverpool’s second-choice goalkeeper, Caoimhin Kelleher, has been a standout performer for the team in recent matches. His incredible saves in the Carabao Cup win over Chelsea showcased his world-class abilities and his composure under pressure. Despite being the backup goalkeeper, Kelleher has consistently delivered outstanding performances, proving that he is a reliable asset for the team. However, there may come a time when his performances deserve more recognition, even if it means leaving Anfield.

Fulham’s Calvin Bassey Dominates in Victory Over Manchester United

Fulham’s victory over Manchester United was a testament to their superior performance, with Calvin Bassey playing a crucial role. The defender showcased his strength and skill, outplaying the United players and contributing to the team’s success. Bassey’s goal was the highlight of his excellent individual performance, further solidifying his importance to the team.

Virgil van Dijk Leads Liverpool to EFL Cup Final Victory

Virgil van Dijk’s leadership and exceptional skills were on full display in Liverpool’s EFL Cup final win against Chelsea. As the team’s captain, Van Dijk played a pivotal role in turning the game in Liverpool’s favor. Despite being surrounded by young and inexperienced players, he held the team together and scored the winning goal. Van Dijk credited the club’s culture and the admirable performance of the young Liverpool players for their victory.

Gabriel Shines for Arsenal Against Newcastle

Arsenal’s Gabriel showcased his talent and contribution to the team’s success in their match against Newcastle. His performance highlighted the difference in quality between Arsenal and Newcastle, with Gabriel playing a key role in their 4-1 victory. The Brazilian defender’s abilities were evident throughout the match, proving that Newcastle needs to invest in their squad to match the top teams’ standards.

Jordan Ayew Takes Charge for Crystal Palace

Jordan Ayew’s remarkable performances have been crucial for Crystal Palace in recent matches. In the absence of key players, he has stepped up and delivered exceptional football for the team. Ayew’s goal and assist in their win against Burnley demonstrated his importance to the team and highlighted his tremendous form.

John Stones Continues to Impress for Manchester City

John Stones’ development as a player under the guidance of Pep Guardiola has been evident in recent matches. The defender’s comfort on the ball, especially in advanced positions, has been a significant asset for Manchester City. Stones’ teammates’ trust in him to play in those areas is a testament to his progress and shows the immense confidence they have in him.

Douglas Luiz’s Goal-Scoring Ability Key for Aston Villa

Douglas Luiz’s ability to score goals from midfield has been vital for Aston Villa’s success this season. His nine Premier League goals at Villa Park have contributed to the team’s rise in the standings. However, Villa’s defensive vulnerabilities, particularly from set-pieces, pose a challenge that needs to be addressed to secure a top-four finish.

Martin Odegaard Inspires Arsenal’s Dominant Victory

Martin Odegaard played a crucial role in Arsenal’s commanding 4-1 win over Newcastle. The midfielder was instrumental in maintaining control of the game and preventing Newcastle from mounting a comeback. Odegaard’s performances have been consistently impressive, showcasing his importance to the team.

Leon Bailey Shines for Aston Villa

Leon Bailey’s outstanding performance against Nottingham Forest demonstrated his consistency and impact on Aston Villa’s success. The Jamaican international’s contributions, including setting up a goal and scoring one himself, have forced manager Unai Emery to include him in the starting lineup.

Jarrod Bowen’s Early Goals Secure Victory for West Ham

Jarrod Bowen’s two well-taken goals in the first 10 minutes of West Ham’s win against Brentford showcased his importance to the team. The winger’s exceptional performance silenced critics and highlighted his scoring abilities. However, it is essential for West Ham fans to support manager David Moyes and back the team until the end of the season.

Phil Foden’s Goal Secures Narrow Victory for Manchester City

Phil Foden’s goal against Bournemouth secured a narrow 1-0 victory for Manchester City. The midfielder’s excellent performance was crucial in maintaining City’s lead and closing the gap at the top of the league. The upcoming match against Manchester United and the encounter with Liverpool will be decisive in the title race.

The Crooks of the Matter: Players’ Conduct on the Field

Garth Crooks addressed the issue of players confronting each other on the field, highlighting that disagreements among teammates are not uncommon in football. However, he emphasized the importance of settling differences in the dressing room and not embarrassing the club or teammates publicly. Crooks suggested that fines and potential job loss should be considered to maintain the reputation and integrity of football clubs.

In Conclusion

Garth Crooks’ Team of the Week features players who have made significant contributions to their teams’ success in recent Premier League matches. From standout goalkeeping performances to influential displays by defenders, midfielders, and forwards, these players have showcased their skills and importance to their respective teams. Additionally, Crooks addresses the issue of players’ conduct on the field, emphasizing the need for professionalism and respect among teammates.

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