Pedro Rocha to Continue as Interim President of RFEF until Next Elections

Pedro Rocha has been confirmed to continue in his role as the interim president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) until the next set of elections, which are scheduled for next year. The decision was made after a recent board of directors meeting, where it was announced that Rocha would lead the transition process.

Rocha assumed the position of president following the suspension of Luis Rubiales by FIFA. Rubiales, who resigned from his role earlier this week, faced global criticism after the Women’s World Cup final last month. Spain emerged as the champions, but Rubiales faced legal action for his behavior during the medal ceremony. He kissed Jenni Hermoso and made an inappropriate gesture, which led to widespread condemnation. Rubiales later defended his actions, criticizing what he called “false feminism.”

In light of Rubiales’ suspension, Rocha took charge and issued an apology on behalf of the RFEF to the football world and society for Rubiales’ conduct. He emphasized the need to rebuild the dignity and credibility of Spanish football after the events of the World Cup.

Rocha expressed his commitment to ensuring the future of Spanish football and implementing necessary transformations gradually. He acknowledged the importance of a strong institution that is above individuals and vowed to work tirelessly towards stabilizing and progressing the RFEF.

The decision to extend Rocha’s tenure as interim president until the next elections reflects the organization’s trust in his leadership abilities. It also allows for a smooth transition and continuity in the RFEF’s operations during this period.

Under Rocha’s leadership, the RFEF will focus on restoring its reputation and credibility. The organization aims to regain the trust of football fans and stakeholders by implementing necessary reforms and addressing any issues that have tarnished its image.

One of the key areas of concern is promoting gender equality and respect within Spanish football. The controversy surrounding Rubiales’ actions during the Women’s World Cup final highlighted the need for a more inclusive and respectful environment for all participants.

Rocha has expressed his commitment to addressing these issues and ensuring that Spanish football sets an example for others to follow. He plans to work closely with various stakeholders, including players, coaches, and officials, to create a culture of respect and equality within the sport.

In addition to promoting gender equality, Rocha aims to strengthen the RFEF’s governance and transparency. He recognizes the importance of accountability and intends to implement measures that promote fairness and integrity in all aspects of the organization’s operations.

Furthermore, Rocha plans to focus on grassroots development and youth football. He believes that investing in youth is crucial for the long-term success of Spanish football. By providing opportunities and resources for young players, the RFEF aims to nurture talent and develop future stars.

Rocha’s leadership during this transitional period will be crucial in shaping the future of Spanish football. His experience and dedication to the sport make him well-suited for the role of interim president. The RFEF is confident that under his guidance, the organization will emerge stronger and more respected than ever before.

As Rocha continues to lead the RFEF, preparations for the upcoming elections will also be underway. The organization will work towards ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process that allows for the selection of a president who can lead Spanish football into a new era.

In conclusion, Pedro Rocha will continue as the interim president of the RFEF until the next set of elections. His leadership during this transitional period will focus on restoring the dignity and credibility of Spanish football, promoting gender equality, strengthening governance and transparency, and investing in youth development. The RFEF is confident that under Rocha’s guidance, Spanish football will regain its reputation and thrive in the coming years.

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