Title: Gary Neville Blames Glazers for Manchester United’s Decade of Mediocrity


Former Manchester United player Gary Neville has criticized the Glazer family for overseeing a period of mediocrity at the club. Following Manchester United’s recent defeat to Brighton, Neville accused the owners of creating a culture of greed and highlighted their failure to bring sustained success since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. In this article, we delve into Neville’s comments and examine the impact of the Glazers on Manchester United.

The Glazer Era and Lack of Success

The Glazer family took ownership of Manchester United in 2005. While they have overseen five Premier League titles and a Champions League triumph in 2008, the club has struggled to replicate its previous dominance since Ferguson’s departure in 2013. Neville points out that the Glazers have presided over a decade of mediocrity both on and off the pitch.

Ownership Uncertainty

Last November, the Glazer family announced their willingness to sell the club. However, the process of finding new owners has been protracted, with reported bids from Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamid Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe falling short of the asking price. This uncertainty surrounding ownership has contributed to a lack of stability at Manchester United.

Brighton Defeat Highlights Wider Failings

Manchester United’s recent loss to Brighton further exposed the club’s underlying issues. Neville argues that the defeat is symptomatic of the ownership’s failings. He emphasizes that it was not due to a lack of effort or disinterested players but rather a team that was outplayed by a well-drilled opponent. Neville believes that the Glazers are ultimately responsible for setting the tone and culture at the club.

Culture of Greed and Indecision

Neville criticizes the Glazers for fostering a culture of greed, ill-discipline, indecision, and uncertainty within Manchester United. He suggests that their focus on financial gains has overshadowed the club’s sporting ambitions. Neville believes that a change in ownership is necessary to reset the tone and culture of the club, allowing for a better chance of success both on and off the pitch.

The Need for Speedy and Efficient Sale

Neville urges the Glazers to sell the club promptly and efficiently. He emphasizes the importance of correcting the off-pitch issues that have plagued Manchester United in recent years. While results on the pitch can be unpredictable, a strong direction and leadership from the owners can provide a solid foundation for success. Neville suggests that a change in ownership would allow for the necessary corrections to be made, re-establishing Manchester United’s identity and values.

Looking Ahead

Manchester United faces Bayern Munich in their Champions League group stage opener, providing an opportunity for the team to bounce back from their recent defeat. However, the underlying issues at the club cannot be ignored. The Glazers’ ownership and the subsequent lack of stability have hindered Manchester United’s progress. Neville’s comments highlight the urgent need for change and a fresh start for the club.


Gary Neville’s criticism of the Glazer family’s ownership of Manchester United reflects the frustrations shared by many fans. The lack of sustained success since Ferguson’s departure and the culture of greed and indecision have hindered the club’s progress. Neville’s call for a speedy and efficient sale of the club highlights the need for a change in ownership to reset Manchester United’s tone and culture. As the club moves forward, it is crucial to address these underlying issues to restore Manchester United to its former glory.

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