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“NASCAR’s Bristol Dirt Track Excluded from 2024 Schedule | G3 Football”


Bristol Motor Speedway has made a significant announcement, stating that it will be discontinuing its controversial NASCAR dirt race and returning to two concrete track races for the upcoming season. This decision comes after the track covered its high-banked track in dirt for its spring race in 2021, with hopes of attracting more spectators and increasing TV ratings. However, the move was met with mixed reviews from fans.

The dirt race at Bristol was shown in primetime on Easter Sunday this year, but it failed to live up to expectations for many fans. While some enjoyed the novelty of seeing NASCAR race on dirt instead of a traditional paved track, others felt that it was a gimmick and were disappointed that Bristol would sacrifice one of its traditional races for this experiment. As a result, the track has decided to revert to its previous format.

With the elimination of the Bristol Dirt race, it is unlikely that there will be any additional dirt races on next season’s NASCAR Cup Series schedule. This decision may disappoint those who were hoping for more opportunities to see NASCAR cars compete on dirt tracks, but it reflects the challenges that come with racing modern cars on dirt surfaces.

Bristol Motor Speedway is known as one of NASCAR’s crown jewel racetracks, often referred to as the “Last Great Colosseum.” The racing at Bristol is typically compelling, and having only one “real” race per year at the track was not enough for many fans. The annual Night Race, which takes place on Saturday night, will continue to be a highlight of the NASCAR calendar.

From a personal perspective, the decision to discontinue the Bristol Dirt race is seen as a positive move. The author of this article admits to loathing the race more than any other NASCAR event in recent memory. Bristol Motor Speedway is a fantastic track, and covering it with dirt seemed unnecessary and detracted from its true potential.

The question remains: Will there ever be a dirt race again in the NASCAR Cup Series? When Bristol Dirt was introduced, it was seen as a throwback to NASCAR’s roots. However, the reality is that modern cars do not perform well on dirt tracks and are not suited for them. A good dirt track requires moisture to provide optimal racing conditions, but this moisture leads to mud.

NASCAR made the decision to keep windshields in the cars, which meant that the track couldn’t become too muddy or else drivers would have visibility issues. Additionally, if the track dried out, it would become too dusty for spectators. If NASCAR were to consider a dirt race again in the future, it would be wise to choose a real dirt track, such as Eldora Speedway in Ohio or Knoxville Raceway in Iowa. Removing the windshields would also be necessary to ensure optimal track conditions.

In conclusion, Bristol Motor Speedway’s decision to discontinue its NASCAR dirt race and return to two concrete track races is likely to please many fans who were not fond of the experiment. While some may be disappointed by the absence of a dirt race on next season’s schedule, the challenges of racing modern cars on dirt surfaces make it a difficult proposition. Bristol Motor Speedway remains one of NASCAR’s most beloved tracks, and fans can continue to look forward to the annual Night Race as a highlight of the season.

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