Missouri Kicker Harrison Mevis Makes History with 61-Yard Field Goal

Missouri kicker Harrison Mevis made a 61-yard field goal in the final seconds against No. 15 Kansas State to give the Tigers a 30-27 win on Saturday at home.

The Longest Field Goal in SEC History

Mevis’ incredible kick has now become the longest field goal in the history of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), according to ESPN Stats & Info. This remarkable achievement solidifies Mevis’ place in college football history and highlights his exceptional skill as a kicker.

It’s worth noting that Missouri previously held the record for the longest field goal in the SEC with a 62-yard kick against Colorado back in 1986. However, Mevis’ 61-yard field goal surpasses that record and cements his name in SEC lore.

This incredible feat has sent shockwaves through the college football community, with fans and analysts alike marveling at Mevis’ skill and composure under pressure. The video of his game-winning kick has gone viral on social media, further solidifying his place as a rising star in the sport.

Missouri’s Impressive Start to the Season

With this victory, Missouri improves to a perfect 3-0 record for the season. The win against a ranked opponent like Kansas State further solidifies their position as a team to watch in the SEC.

Missouri’s success can be attributed to the outstanding performances of their players, including Harrison Mevis. Mevis’ ability to deliver under pressure and make crucial kicks has been instrumental in the team’s early-season success.

The Tigers’ coaching staff deserves credit as well for their strategic game planning and ability to prepare the team for tough matchups. Head coach Eli Drinkwitz has instilled a winning mentality within the program, and it is evident in their performances on the field.

Looking Ahead

As Missouri celebrates this historic victory, they must now turn their attention to the challenges that lie ahead. The SEC is known for its fierce competition, and every game presents a new opportunity for teams to prove themselves.

The Tigers will need to maintain their focus and continue to execute at a high level if they want to build on their early-season success. The road ahead will undoubtedly be challenging, but with players like Harrison Mevis leading the way, Missouri has reason to be optimistic.

Next up for the Tigers is a matchup against a formidable opponent in the LSU Tigers. LSU is known for its strong football program and talented roster, making this game a crucial test for Missouri.

However, with the momentum from their recent victory and the confidence gained from Mevis’ record-breaking kick, Missouri has the potential to pull off another upset and continue their impressive start to the season.


Harrison Mevis’ 61-yard field goal against Kansas State will go down in history as one of the most remarkable moments in college football. Not only did it secure a thrilling victory for Missouri, but it also broke the SEC record for the longest field goal.

This achievement highlights Mevis’ exceptional skill and composure under pressure, making him a rising star in the world of college football. Missouri’s success this season can be attributed to the outstanding performances of players like Mevis and the strategic game planning of their coaching staff.

As the Tigers continue their journey through the SEC, they will face new challenges and tough opponents. However, with Mevis leading the way, Missouri has reason to be optimistic about their chances of continued success.

Missouri football fans can look forward to more thrilling moments and record-breaking performances as the season progresses. The future looks bright for the Tigers, and Harrison Mevis’ historic kick is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting season.

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