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Michele Lacroix Shows off Stunning Night Out in Dubai on Instagram


Behind the Scenes: Michele Lacroix’s Night Out in Dubai

Michele Lacroix, the wife of Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, recently surprised fans with a stunning upload on Instagram. The Belgian influencer and model gave her followers a behind-the-scenes look at her night out in Dubai.

In the photo, Michele can be seen getting ready for the evening, accompanied by a caption featuring a scorpion emoji. She then shared a selfie, showcasing her impeccable style and beauty. It’s no wonder Michele has amassed a following of 594k on Instagram. Her fashionable choices and glamorous lifestyle have captivated fans worldwide.

During their time in Dubai, Michele and Kevin enjoyed the company of friends, making their night out even more memorable. The couple, who tied the knot in 2017, have been inseparable since their meeting at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. De Bruyne’s career move from Wolfsburg to Manchester City in 2015 was partly influenced by Michele’s pregnancy with their first child, Milan.

Michele’s influence extends beyond her relationship with De Bruyne. She has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of modeling and influencing, particularly in her home country of Belgium. Her popularity on social media continues to soar, and her latest Instagram post elicited an outpouring of praise from fans.

In the comments section, admirers expressed their admiration for Michele’s outfit and overall appearance. One fan wrote, “There are no words,” while another exclaimed, “HOT!” The post also garnered attention from followers who simply commented, “Love it,” and “you are insaneeeee.” Michele’s magnetic presence and undeniable charm have certainly left an impression on her audience.

When not capturing stunning moments from their travels, Kevin and Michele prioritize their family life. The couple has three children together, further solidifying their bond. Their shared experiences and adventures, often shared on Instagram, showcase the love and joy that permeate their relationship.

As Michele’s Instagram following continues to grow, it’s evident that her influence extends far beyond her personal life. Her impeccable fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle resonate with fans worldwide, as she effortlessly combines her roles as a wife, mother, and influential figure. Michele’s latest upload from Dubai offers a glimpse into her exciting world, leaving followers eagerly anticipating her next adventure.

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