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Marc-Andre Fleury Supports Wild Playoff Push


Marc-Andre Fleury Supports Wild Playoff Push

The Minnesota Wild are making a strong push for a playoff spot, and veteran goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is fully invested in the team’s success. Fleury, who could draw interest from other teams as the trade deadline approaches, has expressed his desire to stay with the Wild and help them secure a postseason berth.

Fleury, a three-time Stanley Cup champion and future Hall of Famer, has earned the right to have a say in his future with a full no-move clause. While he could potentially join a contender in need of goaltending help, Fleury feels a strong connection with the Wild and wants to see the season through with his teammates.

“If we were last in the conference, maybe it’d be a little bit different,” Fleury said. “But this is my team. We’ve been battling together, right? I take pride in winning with this team. I want us to make the playoffs. That’s my first priority. I think being in the hunt, it’s fun, it’s challenging. And I want to be here and see this team make the playoffs.”

The Wild’s recent success has bolstered Fleury’s confidence in the team’s playoff chances. With seven wins in their past nine games, Minnesota is just two points out of the second wild-card spot in the Western Conference. The top players, including Kirill Kaprizov, Joel Eriksson Ek, and Matt Boldy, have been stepping up and leading the charge.

Kaprizov, who had two goals and an assist in a recent victory over the Seattle Kraken, is on an eight-game assist streak. Boldy has scored seven goals in his past eight games, while Eriksson Ek is having a career year with 28 goals. This trio, along with other key contributors like Mats Zuccarello, has been instrumental in the Wild’s recent surge.

Head coach John Hynes recognizes the importance of having top players who can drive a team to success. He commends the Wild’s top line for consistently making a difference in games and praises their ability to play the game the right way. Strong performances from the team’s best players, combined with solid goaltending, have been crucial to the Wild’s recent victories.

Fleury himself has been playing well, winning four of his past five appearances and allowing two goals or fewer in three of the past four games. Despite giving up an early goal in a recent game against the Kraken, Fleury maintained his composure and bounced back. His positive attitude and love for the game are evident both on and off the ice.

The Wild’s recent success has made it difficult for team president and general manager Bill Guerin to consider selling at the trade deadline. While some players may still be moved, it won’t be a firesale. With the potential return of injured players Marcus Foligno and Zach Bogosian, the Wild are poised to continue their strong push for a playoff spot.

Fleury’s desire to make the playoffs aligns with the team’s goals. He believes in the Wild’s ability to compete and feels confident that they will be in the mix for a playoff spot. While nothing is certain until the trade deadline passes, it seems likely that Fleury will remain with the Wild as they strive for postseason success.

As Fleury continues to enjoy the game and have fun competing, his presence and leadership provide a valuable asset to the Wild. Whether this season marks the end of his illustrious career or not, Fleury’s passion and dedication to winning are undeniable. With his support, the Wild have a strong chance of making a deep playoff run.

(Photo: Joe Nicholson / USA Today)

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