Nathan Jones on today’s game

During yesterday’s press conference, the Luton boss said:

“So much can happen in a play-off game.

“They should be tight games as you have four teams of much of a muchness. No one really ran away with anything in our league in terms of the four teams from third to sixth.

“There was a lot of evenness in terms of the performance, in terms of the results, in terms of everything.

“Ironically, we didn’t beat Huddersfield in both games, but on the flip side of that we beat Blackpool twice and we played them in the play-offs and we didn’t go through so these are two one-off games.

“You have to take the first one first and foremost, then you don’t know what position you’re going to be in on Saturday morning, but then you adjust and prepare again.”

Credit: PA


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