Kenilworth Road in the Premier League?

If all goes well for Luton fans tonight, the next time they return to Kenilworth Road it could be for a Premier League fixture.

However, if The Hatters do earn promotion they will have to make some changes.

Luton CEO Gary Sweet has already revealed that the club are considering plans to update the facilities.

He wrote in his programme notes: “We are currently surveying our facilities for Premier League compliance and to even prepare to make our old girl fit for purpose for the top table is not an insignificant task, especially for the demanding broadcast and media requirements.

“Significant work will have to be planned for, ready to pull the trigger (should we be the lucky ones), to then be completed in record-time during the close season.

“Quite simply if ignored now, Kenilworth Road would be incompliant and substandard, not just ‘quaint.’

“We simply will not allow for Luton Town or Luton to be seen as sub-standard, and if we can achieve a satisfactory level of compliance in the eyes of the Premier League with minimal dispensations, there is no reason why our charming environment shouldn’t be embraced by those other member clubs as an enhancement and broadening of the rich tapestry of venues to visit.”

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