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LFC Gets Safe Standing License at Anfield


Liverpool FC Confirm Safe Standing Areas for Kop and Anfield Road Stands

Liverpool FC have confirmed that the Kop and Anfield Road Stands will have safe standing areas for the new season, representing around 13,000 of the capacity. The move will now see the introduction of safe standing areas across all rail seating sections on the Kop and in the lower Anfield Road Stand from Saturday.

Safe standing is licensed by the SGSA and fans must be able to sit or stand – the seats cannot be locked in the ‘up’ or ‘down’ position. There must also be one seat/space per person and licensed standing areas must not impact the viewing standards of other fans, including disabled supporters.

Safety Measures

Briefing and training will be in place for staff and stewards to ensure only relevant ticket holders are admitted to the licensed standing areas, and CCTV will offer full coverage of the licensed standing areas. In these safe standing areas, supporters will be permitted to stand throughout matches and not just for significant moments, such as goal celebrations.

The Trial Period

Rail seating was first introduced in two areas of Anfield during the 2020-21 close season following a safety review by the SGSA. The initial trial saw 7,800 rail seats installed on the Kop and the lower tier of the Anfield Road Stand. A second phase saw a further 2,500 rail seats introduced to the Kop during last season’s break for the winter World Cup.

The latest installation phase took place this summer when a further 3,000 rail seats were placed on the Kop, in the remainder of blocks 202-208, up to row 33. This took the total to 7,425 rail seats on the Kop, just over 55 per cent of stand capacity. The club plans to extend rail seating on the Kop next year to blocks 102-108, up to row 13.

LFC reviewed the effectiveness of rail seating in relation to fans’ safety at the end of a trial period last season and, as a result of its findings, applied for a Safe Standing Licence. The latest enforcement recommendations from the SGSA state that stadiums with rail seating for more than two years must apply for a Safe Standing Licence.

Consultation with Supporters Board

The club consulted with its Supporters Board about its application for a Safe Standing Licence. The Supporters Board is made up of supporters from across the club’s fan base who meet regularly with senior club staff to discuss key issues.


Liverpool FC have now confirmed that safe standing areas will be available on the Kop and Anfield Road Stands for the new season. The move follows a successful trial period and consultation with supporters. The club has also implemented safety measures such as briefing and training for staff and stewards, CCTV coverage of licensed standing areas, and one seat/space per person.

The introduction of safe standing areas is an exciting development for Liverpool FC fans and will no doubt enhance their matchday experience. It is also a testament to the club’s commitment to fan safety and enjoyment.

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