Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Jordan Henderson decided to leave Liverpool this summer because he couldn’t guarantee the captain regular game time. The England midfielder left Anfield after 12 years and completed a £12 million move to Al Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia. Henderson had previously stated that he didn’t feel wanted at Liverpool ahead of the new season, and Klopp has now responded to these claims, confirming that Henderson told the truth.

In his press conference ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash with Wolves, Klopp addressed Henderson’s departure. He stated that while he wanted Henderson to stay, they had to discuss the possibility of him not playing regularly. Klopp emphasized that he couldn’t promise a player 50 games and that playing time depended on performance. However, he acknowledged the importance of their relationship and the need to have an open conversation about what would happen if Henderson wasn’t playing regularly.

Klopp described Henderson as a fantastic player and a fantastic guy, but noted that he struggled when he wasn’t in the starting lineup. He compared Henderson’s situation to that of James Milner and Lucas Leiva, stating that they also had difficulties when they weren’t playing. Klopp didn’t want to have conflicts with Henderson during the season, so he felt it was necessary to address this issue before it became a problem.

The Liverpool manager clarified that his conversation with Henderson didn’t mean he didn’t want him at the club. If Klopp had told Henderson that he would be the main man and wanted him to stay, Henderson would have stayed. However, Klopp couldn’t make such promises and felt it was better for Henderson to move on. He emphasized that there is no bad blood between them and praised Henderson as the captain of the most successful Liverpool team in the Premier League era.

Klopp expressed his admiration for Henderson as a sensational player and wished him the best in his new venture. He assured that when Henderson returns to Liverpool, he will receive a warm farewell. Klopp wanted to make it clear that there is no misunderstanding between them and that he holds Henderson in high regard.

Henderson’s move to Al Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia reunites him with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, who is now his manager. This new chapter in Henderson’s career offers him the opportunity to continue playing at a high level and contribute to his team’s success.

In conclusion, Jordan Henderson’s decision to leave Liverpool was based on his desire for regular game time, which Klopp couldn’t guarantee. While Klopp wanted Henderson to stay, he understood the importance of having an open conversation about playing time. There is no animosity between them, and Klopp wishes Henderson all the best in his future endeavors. Henderson’s move to Al Ettifaq provides him with a new challenge and the chance to work with Steven Gerrard once again.

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