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Jurgen Klopp on Mo Salah Treatment Causing Touchline Anger


Jurgen Klopp is facing his second ban of the season due to an incident which began with a foul on Mohamed Salah being ignored by officials. Statistics show that Salah is rarely fouled compared to his Premier League contemporaries, with only 31 fouls being awarded to him this season, which is less than half that of seven other players. Since joining Liverpool in 2017, Salah has won 155 free-kicks, which is considerably fewer than Jack Grealish in his last three seasons in the Premier League (294). On Sunday, Salah was persistently held back by Tottenham defender Ben Davies, yet the foul went the other way. Klopp reacted angrily and was given a yellow card, and his post-match comments may lead to a ban. This comes after a similar protest following Bernardo Silva’s rugby tackle on Salah in the 1-0 win over Man City in October, which earned Klopp a one-match touchline suspension. Klopp is now under investigation by the FA for comments made regarding referee Paul Tierney, who booked the Liverpool manager and told him he deserved a sending-off. Klopp has admitted that his reaction was wrong, but believes that he was in an extreme situation which led to his emotions being up and down.

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