Jadon Sancho Refuses to Apologize to Erik ten Hag Over Manchester United Treatment

Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho is refusing to issue a public apology to his manager Erik ten Hag, feeling that the Dutchman has shown double standards with his treatment of the Manchester United winger. Ten Hag told reporters following a 3-1 defeat to Arsenal that Sancho was not named in the squad due to his performances in training. Sancho labelled the claims ‘completely untrue’ on Twitter, and essentially labelled his manager a liar.

Since face-to-face talks on Monday, Sancho has deleted the tweet. That move was seen as a step in the right direction. However, Sancho is refusing to back down from his belief that he’s been used as a scapegoat. The midfielder was told to issue a public apology for his statement, and he refused to do so. That’s seen Sancho banished from first-team training, with United confirming on Thursday that he is training individually.

But Sancho shows no signs of backing down, and the Telegraph say he feels wronged by Ten Hag’s ‘double standards’. Sancho feels there’s wide inconsistencies in how Ten Hag treats him compared to some of his team-mates. Football Director John Murtough has intervened in an attempt to sort out the dispute between the pair. But it’s possible that Sancho has played his last game for the club.

What Does This Mean for Manchester United?

The situation between Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag is a difficult one for Manchester United. It’s clear that Sancho is unhappy with the way he’s been treated by his manager, and it’s unlikely that he will be willing to stay at the club if things don’t improve. This could mean that Manchester United will have to look for a replacement for the winger in the near future.

It’s also possible that this situation could have a negative impact on the team’s morale. If players feel like they are being treated unfairly or not given a fair chance, it can have a detrimental effect on their performance on the pitch. This could lead to a decline in results for Manchester United, which would be a huge blow for the club.

What Does This Mean for Jadon Sancho?

For Jadon Sancho, this situation could mean the end of his time at Manchester United. If he is unwilling to apologize to Erik ten Hag, then it is unlikely that he will be able to stay at the club. This could mean that he will have to look for a new club in the near future, which could be a difficult process.

However, this situation could also be an opportunity for Sancho. If he is able to find a new club and prove himself there, then it could be a great opportunity for him to show what he is capable of. This could be a chance for him to prove himself and show that he can be a top player at any club.


The situation between Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag is a difficult one for both parties involved. For Manchester United, it could mean the end of their time with the winger, while for Sancho it could be an opportunity to prove himself at a new club. It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, but one thing is certain: it will have a big impact on both parties involved.

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