How Premier League clubs will honour Queen Elizabeth’s passing with national anthem, minute’s silence and black armbands included in detailed plan

    Premier League football is set to return this weekend after a short break to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

    Her Majesty ruled Great Britain for 70 years and passed away last Thursday at Balmoral, aged 96.

    All Premier League games will pay tribute to the Queen this weekend


    All Premier League games will pay tribute to the Queen this weekend

    The Premier League, and all football in Great Britain, was suspended last weekend.

    But the top-flight is set to return with a few special adjustments made to ensure that the beautiful game pays its respects to the Queen and the Royal Family.

    However, there won’t be a full set of Premier League fixtures with three games off due to police shortages.

    The other seven matches will all be expected to take part in the top-flight’s detailed plans.

    How will the Premier League honour Queen Elizabeth II?

    All teams are to be led onto the pitch by their respective managers and in total silence.

    There will be no music prior to kick-off as the players enter the pitch. The players and managers are expected to walk straight out to the centre circle, so there will be no pre-match handshakes.

    The screens all around the ground will turn black and show an image of Her Majesty.

    This is the image that will appear at Premier League games up and down the land

    This is the image that will appear at Premier League games up and down the land

    Premier League fixtures this weekend

    Friday, September 16

    • Aston Villa v Southampton, kick-off 8pm (talkSPORT EXCLUSIVE)
    • Nottingham Forest v Fulham, kick-off 8pm (talkSPORT 2 EXCLUSIVE)

    Saturday, September 17

    • Wolves v Manchester City, kick-off 12:30pm (talkSPORT EXCLUSIVE)
    • Newcastle v Bournemouth, kick-off 3pm (talkSPORT 2 EXCLUSIVE)
    • Tottenham v Leicester, kick-off 5:30pm

    Sunday, September 18

    • Brentford v Arsenal, kick-off 12pm (talkSPORT EXCLUSIVE)
    • Everton v West Ham, kick-off 2:15pm


    • Brighton vs Crystal Palace
    • Manchester United vs Leeds
    • Chelsea vs Liverpool

    Everyone in the stadium will then observe a strict minute’s silence before the national anthem will be played to give home and away fans the chance to unite as one to pay tribute.

    But there will be other changes as the Premier League attempt to leave no stone unturned when it comes to portraying football in the right way.

    All players will wear black armbands, and if clubs want to fly flags, they should be at half-mast.

    There will also be no ball plinth or pitch mat, and the Premier League anthem won’t be played.

    During the games, clubs have been encouraged to hold a celebration of the Queen’s life at the 70th minute.

    The advertising boards will turn black, but play will continue.

    There will be no further tribute at the end of the respective games.


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