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Glenn Hoddle’s Treatment of Andy Cole: Roy Keane Disagrees with Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney


Title: The Controversial Treatment of Andy Cole: Insights from Roy Keane, Gary Neville, and Wayne Rooney

In a recent episode of the Stick to Football podcast, former Manchester United striker Andy Cole joined Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Wayne Rooney, Ian Wright, and Jill Scott to discuss his frustration with his lack of opportunities for the England national team. Specifically, Cole expressed his discontent with the treatment he received from former England manager Glenn Hoddle. While some members of the group, including Neville and Rooney, sympathized with Cole, Keane offered a different perspective.

Glenn Hoddle’s Controversial Remarks:
During his time as England boss, Glenn Hoddle made a notorious comment about Andy Cole, claiming that the striker needed five chances to score. This remark infuriated Cole, leading to him labeling Hoddle as a “coward” after being left out of the 1998 World Cup squad. Cole argued that his performances for Manchester United in the Champions League demonstrated his goal-scoring prowess, suggesting that Hoddle’s assessment was disrespectful.

Differing Views:
While both Neville and Rooney supported Cole’s grievances, Keane offered a contrasting opinion. The Irishman acknowledged Cole’s frustration but questioned whether Hoddle’s comments were as severe as portrayed. Keane pointed out that most strikers require multiple chances to score consistently and suggested that Cole’s reaction may have been influenced by exaggerated criticism.

Expert Analysis:
Former England captain Rooney expressed his disagreement with Hoddle’s behavior, claiming he would have reacted strongly if subjected to similar treatment. Neville also criticized Hoddle’s decision to make such remarks publicly, emphasizing the need for privacy and respect when dealing with players. Their insights highlight the importance of maintaining player morale and avoiding unnecessary public criticism.

Andy Cole’s Career Accomplishments:
Despite his limited opportunities at the international level, Andy Cole enjoyed a highly successful club career. He won five Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and the Champions League during his time at Manchester United. Cole’s impressive goal-scoring record of 187 Premier League goals places him fourth on the all-time leaderboard, showcasing his impact as a striker.

Andy Cole’s Redemption:
After leaving Manchester United, Cole joined Blackburn Rovers and had the chance to face Glenn Hoddle’s Tottenham in the 2002 League Cup final. In a satisfying turn of events, Cole scored the winning goal in a 2-1 victory for Blackburn. Reflecting on the win, Cole admitted his displeasure with Hoddle’s handling of the situation and criticized the manager’s tendency to criticize players publicly before addressing issues privately.

The discussion surrounding Glenn Hoddle’s treatment of Andy Cole on the Stick to Football podcast shed light on the challenges faced by players in their international careers. While some, like Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney, condemned Hoddle’s behavior, Roy Keane provided a different perspective, suggesting that Cole’s reaction may have been influenced by heightened criticism. Regardless, Andy Cole’s achievements at Manchester United and his redemption against Hoddle’s Tottenham demonstrate his resilience and ability to overcome challenges in his career. The insights shared by the panelists offer valuable perspectives on player-manager relationships and the impact of public criticism on player morale.

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