Germany star Max Kruse has £260k Lamborghini stolen and wrecked but tells distraught Wag ‘it’s not that bad’

    MAX KRUSE’S £260,000 Lamborghini was stolen and wrecked by thugs as his wife Dilara went shopping.

    The 14-cap Germany striker revealed that his Urus motor was taken by thieves before eventually turning up with £35,000 worth of damage two days later.

    Max Kruse runs a YouTube channel with wife Dilara


    Max Kruse runs a YouTube channel with wife DilaraCredit: Instagram @maxkruse10
    Their Lamborghini Urus was completely smashed


    Their Lamborghini Urus was completely smashedCredit: Instagram @maxkruse10
    Around £35,000 worth of damage was done


    Around £35,000 worth of damage was doneCredit: Youtube Die Kruses

    Kruse, now of Wolfsburg, runs a YouTube channel with Dilara.

    The couple used the platform to explain their recent ordeal – and how Max initially didn’t believe it to be true.

    Recounting what happened, Dilara said: “First I went shopping and then to the lawyer and then the car was gone.”

    Kruse then butted in: “You often think the car is gone.

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    “You’ve been looking for the car for two hours because you just parked down the street, so I thought, come on, I was very tired, the car will be back in an hour.”

    But Dilara insisted it had vanished, with Kruse adding: “Then I said: ‘Okay, I’ll come there with my scooter’, then the car was really gone.”

    Dilara continued: “Then I went completely crazy. My nerves were gone, I cried.”

    Attempting to make his wife feel better, the striker said: “Come on dear, it’s not that bad, it happened, it’s insured.

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    “The main thing is that we’re fine.”

    Explaining the extent of the damage when the car did eventually turn up two streets away 48 hours later, Kruse added: “They copied the key. Then they have automatic access.

    “They broke the window from the inside. The seats need to be replaced.”

    According to Capology, Kruse pockets £64,000 a week in Germany.

    The 34-year-old is a self-confessed petrolhead – and even runs his own racing team.

    Speaking about how he balances his Max Kruse Racing team with his football career, he said last year: “Training is three to four hours a day. So if you leave the house at 9am you are back by the afternoon.

    “My clubs always know about what I’m doing outside of football and talked about it when I had my first meetings with them.

    “Of course football is my passion and my job, but I also have to do some things on the side. I have my racing team, I like poker. They knew what was coming when they signed me.

    “If you can win you can do whatever you want. My performances were always good so I’ve never had problems with my team-mates or manager or anything.

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    “I try to go to my team’s races whenever I can, though I cannot be there all three days of a race weekend as I usually play on a weekend.

    “I know after my career I will do something with racing and sit behind the wheel, I’m 100 per cent sure.”

    The Wolfsburg striker has plenty of repair work to do


    The Wolfsburg striker has plenty of repair work to doCredit: Youtube Die Kruses
    The car turned up two days after being stolen


    The car turned up two days after being stolenCredit: Youtube Die Kruses


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