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“Frank Lampard warns Pochettino of Chelsea’s dropped standards”


Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has expressed his concern over the drop in standards in the dressing room, warning incoming manager Mauricio Pochettino that there is a lot of work to be done. Lampard, who has endorsed Chelsea’s push to appoint Pochettino, believes that the squad’s competitiveness has dropped and that standards collectively have fallen. Chelsea finished the season with just 44 points, their lowest points tally in Premier League history, and registered only one win in their last 12 games. Lampard believes that Chelsea needs the right high-level manager to create a solid identity in a team that can win more games, but warns that it won’t be an overnight process. He also expects several players to leave the club this summer, with Mason Mount potentially among them. Lampard admits that it’s hard to say if Chelsea can show significant improvement within a year, as the league is tough and gets more challenging every year.

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