Home Europa League “Di Maria’s Embarrassing Howler Leaves Juventus Fans Fuming”

“Di Maria’s Embarrassing Howler Leaves Juventus Fans Fuming”

During Juventus’ Europa League semi-final exit against Sevilla, Angel Di Maria made a costly mistake with a wayward chip shot. Despite losing 2-1 on the night, Juventus could have taken the lead early in the first half if Di Maria had scored. However, the 35-year-old opted to try and chip the ball over Sevilla goalkeeper Bono’s head, resulting in a terrible attempt that led to nothing. To make matters worse, Di Maria had the option to pass to Moise Kean in the middle, but chose to go for glory himself. This squandered opportunity set the tone for Juventus’ evening as they struggled to find the back of the net, scoring just once from 17 attempts on goal. Fans were quick to express their frustration with Di Maria’s performance, with some even suggesting that he should retire after that miss. Juventus’ exit from the Europa League means that they will finish the campaign without a single trophy.

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