Title: Cleveland Browns’ Amari Cooper Questionable for Monday Night Football Due to Groin Injury


The Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Amari Cooper, has aggravated his groin during Saturday’s practice, putting his availability for Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers in question. Cooper, who underwent core muscle surgery in the offseason, played through a hip injury last season but still managed to lead the Browns in receiving yards and touchdowns. With Cooper’s status uncertain, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski remains hopeful but prepared to make adjustments if necessary.

Amari Cooper’s Groin Injury:

During Saturday’s practice, Amari Cooper aggravated his groin, forcing him to leave the field and receive treatment from the training staff. Coach Stefanski stated that the injury occurred late in the workout, and Cooper’s condition will be monitored closely over the next 48 hours. The team is hopeful that Cooper will recover in time for Monday Night Football but is prepared to make necessary adjustments if needed.

Cooper’s Previous Injury and Surgery:

Amari Cooper’s resilience was evident last season when he played through a hip injury during the second half of the year. Despite the pain, he displayed exceptional performance, leading the Browns with 78 receptions for 1,160 yards and nine touchdowns. To address his lingering hip issue, Cooper underwent core muscle surgery during the offseason, aiming to come back stronger for the upcoming season.

Cooper’s Performance in Week 1:

In the Browns’ Week 1 victory against the Cincinnati Bengals, Amari Cooper showcased his skills with three receptions for 37 yards. His contribution was instrumental in securing a 24-3 win for Cleveland. However, with his recent groin injury, there is uncertainty surrounding his availability for the highly anticipated Monday Night Football clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Coach Stefanski’s Statement:

Coach Stefanski remains optimistic about Cooper’s recovery but acknowledges the need for contingency plans. He emphasized the team’s ability to adapt and make necessary adjustments if Cooper is unable to play. The Browns have a talented roster, and Stefanski believes in their depth and versatility to fill any void left by Cooper’s absence.

Impact on the Browns’ Offense:

Amari Cooper’s potential absence from Monday Night Football could have a significant impact on the Browns’ offense. As a key target for quarterback Baker Mayfield, Cooper’s absence would require other receivers to step up and fill the void. Players like Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr., and rookie Anthony Schwartz may see increased targets and responsibilities in Cooper’s absence. The Browns’ offensive game plan may need to be adjusted to accommodate the absence of their star wide receiver.

The Importance of Cooper’s Recovery:

Given Amari Cooper’s crucial role in the Browns’ offense, his recovery is of utmost importance. The team will closely monitor his progress over the next 48 hours, utilizing their medical staff to ensure he receives the best possible treatment. Cooper’s health and well-being are paramount, and the Browns will make decisions based on his long-term recovery rather than rushing him back onto the field prematurely.


Amari Cooper’s groin injury has cast doubt on his availability for Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite undergoing core muscle surgery in the offseason, Cooper’s resilience and determination have been evident throughout his career. The Browns remain hopeful for his recovery but are prepared to adjust their game plan if necessary. The team’s depth and versatility will be crucial in filling any void left by Cooper’s potential absence. As fans eagerly await updates on Cooper’s condition, the Browns will prioritize his long-term health and make decisions accordingly.

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