Liverpool take on Real Madrid on Saturday in a repeat of the 2017/18 Champions League final.

On that occasion, a double from Gareth Bale helped the La Liga giants to the trophy in a 3-1 victory.

'Greatest Champions League final goal ever' - Fans react to Gareth Bale bicycle kick against Liverpool

Bale scored arguably the best goal in a European final

Now the pair will battle it out once more for UEFA’s prize trophy in Paris on Saturday night.

And no matter what happens on the pitch, both clubs are set to make a lot of money from this season’s Champions League.

But who will make the most? takes a look…

Who will emerge victorious on Saturday?


Who will emerge victorious on Saturday?


If Liverpool win the Champions League, they will bag themselves a cool £93million in prize money alone.

For reaching the group stages, the Reds earned £13.1m. This was supplemented by £2.4m for each group stage win and £784,000 for each draw.

The Reds won all their group games, so earned another £14.4m.

Liverpool also picked up some income from UEFA because of their coefficient ranking.

UEFA then awarded Klopp’s men £8.1m for reaching the knockout rounds plus £9.1m for making it to the quarter-finals.

Liverpool received a further £10.5m for reaching the semi-finals and £13.1m for making it to the final.

If they win, they would add £3.8m for lifting the trophy and an extra £3m for playing the UEFA Super Cup.

This is just the prize money they will make and doesn’t include the fees from broadcasting and the 30% they will take from UEFA’s prize pot for finishing second in the Premier League.

Liverpool are set to make a huge amount of money from the Champions League final


Liverpool are set to make a huge amount of money from the Champions League final

Real Madrid

Incredibly, Real Madrid will make more than the Reds even if they lose in Paris.

This is mainly down to their coefficient ranking. The La Liga giants have been pretty much Champions League ever-presents, so they are entitled to more money.

They will also receive more revenue because of their past performances in the tournament.

Real have won UEFA’s premier competition four times in the last ten years, so they earn more than the Reds, who have reached the final in three of the last five years.

Therefore, if Carlo Ancelotti’s side lose, they will take home £98m, and if they win, they will earn £102m in prize money plus all of the broadcasting and matchday income.

Liverpool v Real Madrid: Path to the final


Group B – AC Milan at home – 3-2 (W)

Group B – FC Porto away – 5-1 (W)

Group B – Atletico Madrid – 3-2 (W)

Group B – Atletico Madrid at home – 2-0 (W)

Group B – FC Porto at home – 2-0 (W)

Group B – AC Milan away – 2-1 (W)

Last 16 – Internazionale away – 2-0 (W)

Last 16 – Internazionale at home – 0-1 (L)

Quarter-finals – Benfica away – 3-1 (W)

Quarter-finals – Benfica at home – 3-3 (D)

Semi-finals – Villarreal at home – 2-0 (W)

Semi-finals – Villarreal away – 3-2 (W)

Real Madrid

Group D – Internazionale away – 1-0 (W)

Group D – FC Sheriff at home – 1-2 (L)

Group D – Shakhtar Donetsk away – 5-0 (W)

Grroup D – Shakhtar Donetsk at home – 2-1 (W)

Group D – FC Sheriff away – 3-0 (W)

Group D – Internazionale at home – 2-0 (W)

Last 16 – PSG away – 0-1 (L)

Last 16 – PSG at home – 3-1 (W)

Quarter-finals – Chelsea away – 3-1 (W)

Quarter-finals – Chelsea at home – 2-3 (L)

Semi-finals – Manchester City away – 3-4 (L)

Semi-finals – Manchester City at home – 3-1 (W)


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