Home Football “Chainsaw-Wielding Football Job: Chopping Wood”

“Chainsaw-Wielding Football Job: Chopping Wood”

The Portland Timbers of the MLS have a unique tradition when it comes to goal celebrations. After a home team scores, a chainsaw is fired up and a piece is sliced off a giant log and placed on a stand behind one of the goals. Timber Joey, who succeeded Timber Jim back in 2008, has been firing up his chainsaw ever since. The slice of wood is taken around the stadium with fans invited to touch it and at the end of the game, it is presented to the goal scorer. If a goalkeeper keeps a clean sheet, they also get a slice. Sometimes players keep the piece of wood and other times they sign them and donate them to charity. The logging industry has played a huge part in Oregon’s culture and economy, and Joey feels that the tradition is special and is glad that people who didn’t grow up like he did can experience it. Portland Timbers currently sit eighth in the MLS Western Conference.

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