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Brighton CEO Discusses Roberto de Zerbi’s Future and the Club’s Unique Model


Behind the Scenes at Brighton: The De Zerbi Debate and the Brighton Model

Brighton chief executive Paul Barber has shed light on the future of manager Roberto De Zerbi and the club’s unique approach to running a football team. Despite speculation about De Zerbi’s future and links to top managerial vacancies, Barber insists that the Italian is happy at Brighton and understands the limitations of the club’s model. The “Brighton model” is a philosophy of scouting talent, developing players, and selling them for profit. This approach has earned Brighton a reputation as a well-run club in an era of overspending. However, injuries and the loss of key personnel to other clubs have posed challenges for the team.

De Zerbi, known for his high standards and targets, has been frustrated with the limitations imposed by the Brighton model. Barber acknowledges that the manager has voiced his concerns internally but emphasizes that De Zerbi is aware of the club’s philosophy and has a good relationship with the owner and facilities. However, Barber concedes that the club cannot control other clubs making approaches for De Zerbi.

Brighton’s success this season, with a shot at finishing ninth and their second-highest points tally in the Premier League, is a testament to De Zerbi’s achievements. Despite facing a lengthy injury list, including critical players like Solly March and Joao Pedro, De Zerbi has kept the team competitive in both domestic and cup competitions. Barber believes that the manager deserves more praise for his accomplishments.

The Brighton model has drawn comparisons to recruitment models employed by Southampton and Leicester. However, both clubs found themselves in the Championship this season when things went wrong. Barber acknowledges that losing key personnel to Chelsea, who have taken “the hose not the water supply,” has posed challenges for Brighton. However, the club prioritizes succession planning and investing in their academy to maintain their recruitment strategy.

Brighton’s move to their new stadium, the Amex, has attracted a new generation of fans who are unaware of the club’s history. For them, this season may be viewed as average, but historically, it is a remarkable achievement for the club. Barber highlights that Brighton has only been in the top flight for 11 out of 123 seasons, making their recent success even more extraordinary.

One bone of contention for Brighton is the EFL’s proposed financial handout, known as the “New Deal.” While Barber understands the concerns of the EFL and the government, he believes that the concept of sharing their success without knowing how the additional funds will be used is complex. Brighton wants to ensure that any financial arrangements are fair for all clubs and do not jeopardize their progress and stability.

In conclusion, Barber’s insights into Brighton’s approach to running a football club shed light on the challenges and successes they have faced. The De Zerbi debate, the Brighton model, and their stance on the EFL’s financial handout all contribute to a greater understanding of the club’s unique position in English football.

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