How Arteta can unlock Conte’s dogged defence

ANALYSIS: Arsenal visit Tottenham tomorrow night for basically a Champions League playoff between fierce London rivals, writes LEE SCOTT and CHRIS DARWEN.

Both sides are capable of winning – but both sides are equally capable of delivering a shocker of a performance when the pressure is on.

What can we expect? Tottenham to be tight at the back and rapid on the break – but will Arsenal give them the opportunity to do so given that it is Spurs who need the win?

Last weekend we saw Antonio Conte’s Spurs side frustrate a previously dominant Liverpool side and hold them to a 1-1 draw.

While the match was relatively unremarkable the comments made afterwards by the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp were not.

Klopp was critical of the Spurs game plan and in particular the fact that they were willing to allow Liverpool to have the majority of possession as the North London side looked to sit deep and then attack Liverpool on the counter.

Naughty Tottenham, not just opening up and letting Liverpool get in behind.

Given that Spurs were able to hold Liverpool to a draw, however, there has to be some justification of the style of play that we saw from Conte’s side.

The former Serie A coach has shown himself once again to be a tactically intelligent and versatile coach.

The question now though is whether we will see the same approach or even something similar in the upcoming North London derby.



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