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“Arsenal Fans Fear Kim Kardashian’s Curse After Sporting Penalty Defeat”

Arsenal fans were left disappointed after their team crashed out of the Europa League against Sporting on penalties. However, some fans were quick to blame Kim Kardashian for the loss and begged for her never to return to the Emirates. The TV celebrity made a surprise appearance at the North London stadium and was in attendance for the match. She even shared posts of the matchday programme and KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime drink on her Instagram account, which has 348 million followers.

Kim, who is said to be filming a documentary in London, took her son Saint along with her to the game. She uploaded a video of Saint in a Katie McCabe home shirt cheering on Bukayo Saka. However, things did not end well for Arsenal as they crashed out at the last-16 stage following a penalty shootout. Gabriel Martinelli missed the crucial spot-kick after a 1-1 draw after extra-time.

Arsenal fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment and some even joked about the so-called Kardashian curse. This is a reference to the numerous men who have struggled after dating the Kardashian sisters. Fans urged the club to ban Kim from returning to the ground after the exit, especially with the crucial Premier League title run-in hotting up.

One fan wrote, “Tell her to not ever come watch our game again.” Another added, “The Kardashian curse strikes again. Ban her from the stadium!” A third fan commented, “Bad luck entered the Emirates Stadium.” Another fan blamed Kim for the loss, saying, “So this is all her fault.” A fifth fan typed, “Kim Kardashian at Emirates and Arsenal loses?!?!! I’m afraid the curse is real.” And a final user pleaded with Arsenal to “lifetime ban Kim Kardashian from the Emirates.”

Despite the backlash from some fans, others defended Kim’s right to attend the game and pointed out that she was simply there as a spectator. They argued that blaming her for Arsenal’s loss was unfair and that it was up to the players to perform on the pitch.

This is not the first time that the Kardashian family has been blamed for causing bad luck or misfortune. In the past, some fans have blamed them for their partners’ poor performances on the field or court. However, there is no evidence to suggest that there is any truth to this theory.

In conclusion, while some Arsenal fans may have been disappointed with the team’s performance against Sporting, it is unfair to blame Kim Kardashian for their loss. She was simply there as a spectator and had no influence over the outcome of the game. It is up to the players to perform on the pitch and deliver results for their fans.

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