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Annie Walker Angry at Becky Vardy Over Flashing Comment


The recent flashing scandal involving England footballer Kyle Walker has led to a heated social media feud between his wife Annie and fellow WAG Becky Vardy. According to reports, Annie has always had a dislike for Becky, but now she despises her and is not afraid to show it. The feud began after Becky posted on Instagram, “The gift that keeps on giving,” on the same day that Walker was caught flashing and flirting with two women in a bar. Although Becky denied that the post had anything to do with Walker or Annie, it still caused a stir.

Annie was reportedly furious with Becky for “dragging her name through the dirt” during the scandal. Pals of Annie said that Becky’s mocking of her as a “victim” was the final straw. Becky had called Annie a “doormat” in her social media post, which only fueled the feud further. Annie has remained silent throughout the ordeal, but Becky’s comments have made her see red.

Becky’s response to the situation only made things worse. She posted another message on Instagram in which she defended herself and stirred up more anger from Annie. In the post, Becky accused Annie of trying to attack her by bringing her into her drama. She also said that Annie was obsessed with her and that she needed to focus on her own life instead of attacking her.

The feud between the two WAGs has been ongoing for some time. Annie was dragged into the Wagatha Christie legal case between Coleen Rooney and Becky last year. During the trial, Becky accused Annie of being behind a posed photo of the WAGs at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Annie did not comment publicly on the matter and remained impartial to the drama.

The recent scandal involving Walker has only added fuel to the fire. CCTV footage showed the footballer dropping his tracksuit bottoms and exposing himself at a bar in Wilmslow, Cheshire. He was also seen pawing at and kissing a woman in full view of other drinkers. Annie later blasted her husband as a “d**k” after learning of his antics.

The police are investigating whether any offense has been committed, and domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid has criticized Walker’s behavior. They say that indecent exposure can have long-term effects on those affected by it and can give the person exposing themselves a sense of power in the situation.

Overall, the feud between Annie and Becky shows no signs of slowing down. While those close to Annie say that she is furious with Becky’s comments, those on Becky’s side say that she feels she has been unfairly caught up in the drama. It remains to be seen how this feud will play out in the future, but it is clear that tensions are running high between these two WAGs.

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